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the atmosphere and outer space considered as a whole

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That's when aerospace manufacturing started to leave Southern California, lured by cheaper business costs and powerful lobbyists from Southern states like Georgia and Alabama.
Operating margin in 2000 topped 13 percent and net margin was 7 percent, comfortably above the aerospace industry average.
Founded in 1968, Dixie Aerospace has evolved into a leading supplier of bearings in the aviation industry.
The biggest benefit to business in the Valencia aerospace cluster is access to a large population of highly skilled employees, Briggs said.
Hundreds of aerospace manufacturers around the world, as well as their globally distributed suppliers, are utilizing VISTAGY's CAD-integrated software to capture and communicate truly complete 3D digital product definitions throughout their development chains.
The aim was to give supplier companies information on where the aerospace industry is heading in Southern California and on how they can better meet the needs of prime contractors.
Compared to other states, California's abundance of skilled labor, universities and other educational and research centers, as well as the existence of a strong electronics industry, gives the state a strong advantage for the development of high-tech aerospace activities,'' the report said.
Table 1: United Kingdom Aerospace & Defense Market Value: $ billion, 2002-2006
Shareholders also expressed disapproval with the deal, which must be approved by British antitrust authorities, by selling off shares of British Aerospace as well as those of General Electric Co.
On 15 January 2007 Smiths Group announced the sale of Smiths Aerospace to GE, which remains subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals.
The aerospace study was conducted by Chicago-based consultants A.
Airboss Aerospace is a specialist engineering firm in high-tech aerospace programs, with particular expertise in designing, testing and building several cutting-edge aircraft.
The first-term Lancaster Republican announced Friday that he is seeking the creation of a statewide task force and a legislative committee to assist the state's aerospace industry.
The acquisition of Argo-Tech adds an important component to Eaton's aerospace fuel system strategy by acquiring a leading provider in engine fuel pump technology," said Alexander M.
Just another sign of California's aerospace downturn responsible for more than 65,000 lost jobs.
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