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Synonyms for generator

an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

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engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

someone who originates or causes or initiates something


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an electronic device for producing a signal voltage

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Upon completion of this sequence, one additional CS capsule was placed on the aerosol generator as required by army procedures (one new CS capsule is added for every 10 soldiers that pass through the chamber) (U.
Aerosol generator technologies have been found to be very effective for those applications where a low weight and low cost alternative is paramount to the fire protection design.
Using a pump and an aerosol generator, they simulated playing and applied E.
This reticence may be the offspring of the change that is occurring in our profession, in part due to the relentless pursuit of perfection in developing the ultimate nebulizer, aerosol generator and face mask by our industry research and development colleagues.
Combustion fly ash was injected into the UNC chamber via a high-pressure venture aerosol generator located outside the chamber.
will develop Dance's inhaled insulin product in a novel aerosol device based on Aerogen's proprietary OnQ[TM] Aerosol Generator technology, it was announced today by both companies.
Calibrations were performed with known size liquid oleic acid particles tagged with a fluorescent dye generated using a vibrating orifice aerosol generator (VOAG).
Another concern related to the changes in reimbursement is that it is argued that it is difficult provide clinical services for aerosol therapy based upon the reimbursement for the aerosol generator alone.
Contract Awarded for This project is a section (package) pressure controller 1, Automatic hydraulic test device 1, Density measuring device 1 sets, 1 sets of gas turbine flowmeter, 1 sets of gas flow calibration device, Fine dust particle counter 1, Aerosol generator 1 sets, 1 sets of electrostatic discharge test equipment, Ringing wave the shock wave damping, 1 sets of testing equipment, Radioactivity meter 1 taiwan, 1 taiwan teslameter, Multi-purpose life signs simulation instrument 1, Standard, Gloss meter gloss plates 2, 1 pieces of standard abbe refractometer.
This new inhaled antibiotic product candidate leverages Nektar's proprietary Aerosol Generator that is designed to effectively deliver aerosolized antibiotics to the deep lungs, both within and outside of a ventilator system.