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Synonyms for aerosol

a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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The higher the inspiratory flow, the higher the turbulent flow that produces greater inertial forces causing aerosol deposition in more central airways.
While some studies [18, 34, 35] found that the geometry complexity significantly affected acinar aerosol deposition, Hofemeier et al.
Some existing literature of aerosol deposition from turbulent flow within bends is associated with suspended droplet studies in small diameter tubes [15, 18, 21].
Aerosol Deposition. Aerosol deposition, also known as vacuum cold spray [74] or vacuum kinetic spraying [75], is analogous to cold spraying.
This first iteration of the symposium focused on the synthesis and processing of inorganic materials using non-tradition technologies such as self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, spark plasma sintering, mechanical alloying, wet chemistry, aerosol deposition, lasers, electron beams, and high-field magnetrons.
The researchers analyzed data about various sources of copper in aerosols (airborne particles), global distributions of aerosols, and aerosol deposition rates.
The new probe was created based on a nanotechnology process referred to as aerosol deposition (AD), which was developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.
Regardless, brevetoxins are highly lipophilic and are likely absorbed from throughout the respiratory tract after aerosol deposition. After absorption, systemic distribution is expected to occur rapidly, with the liver expected to be the organ containing a high proportion of the deposited dose (Benson et al.
Improvement of pressurised aerosol deposition with Nebuhaler spacer device.
Aerosol deposition considerations in inhalation therapy.
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In fact, [Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] coatings are applied onto these substrates [5] using coating methods that include CVD [6], plasma spray [7], and aerosol deposition [4].
Ausra, "Aerosol deposition to coastal forests: a wind tunnel approach," Dissertations 43/2011, Linnaeus University, 2011.