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a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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By providing the world's most diverse aerosol container portfolio, Ball continues to meet the needs of its growing customer portfolio.
SpecMetrix systems have a proven ability to help manufacturers of beverage and food containers, aerosol containers and tubes, coated coils, ends and closures to increase coating quality, reduce production costs and spoilage, and maximize production throughput through the use of Sensory's exclusive non-contact measurement technologies.
Examples include a new iteration of Ball's revolutionary ReAl technology, which allows us to provide aluminum aerosol cans to our customers that weigh 15 percent less compared to a standard aluminum aerosol container, and Cut/4 CArboN-our 2020 target to cut the carbon footprint of our beverage cans by one-fourth.
Three semi-permanent water-based release products are available in a convenient aerosol container and as bulk concentrates.
9% concentration physicochemical use liquid consistency, dosage form, solution code 46484,flavoring: using: health, state: solid, 60 grams pill form, code 5732,air freshener, state: volatile liquid, type: aerosol container 9 ounces.
In a presentation on new product development, Judy Albazi and Alan Howarth of Chase Products reviewed the company's Absolutes of Quality Management, as well as some of the innovations that have been developed by Chase Products, such as an ergonomic aerosol container and an aerosol can that holds a towel for I&I cleaning.
Three semi-permanent water-based release products have been developed and are available in a convenient aerosol container and as bulk concentrates.
Additionally, the Aerosol Products Division formed a new Plastic Aerosol Container Subcommittee under its Commercial Standards Committee (CSC) to work on a broad range of issues relating to plastic aerosol containers.
It was critical for the launch of this product that its packaging add to this distinction, and why ACH chose CCL Container's Comfort Hold(TM) Shaped Aluminum Aerosol Container for the Mazola Pure line.
Stanvac Or Equivalent On 220 Ml Aerosol Container For Detecting The Leakage In The Compressed Air Joint.
is a newly activated entity which is in the process of developing the uses of Nanotechnology products applying Ti02 to block ultra violet rays and which can be delivered in an aerosol container.
Tenders are invited for Electrical And Electronic Components Cleaning Solvent Of Ec Clean Brand 350Ml Aerosol Container.
Since its founding in 1939, Plaze has filled every type of aerosol container commercially available.
Tenders are invited for Dye Penetrant Conforming To Rdso Specification No M And C/Ndt/105/2001 In Aerosol Container With A Net Weight Of 400 Ml.
24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ball Corporation announced today that it plans to close two aerosol container manufacturing plants in the United States and will exit the custom and decorative tinplate can business as part of a restructuring of the company's metal food and household products packaging division, Americas.