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Synonyms for aerosol

a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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Aerosol paints are mostly known as spray paints and come in sealed pressurized containers.
Aerosols are known to cool the atmosphere, but much less is established about the magnitude of their forcing and climate effects.
Although the selection of a ventilator mode during NIV is important, research on the effect of different NIV modes on aerosol drug delivery is still limited.
"While most consumers are familiar with aerosol products like deodorants, cleaners and pest control, aerosols are used in many places in the home and beyond.
"This study reports a new, potentially large THS exposure route from partitioning of surface volatile organic compounds into the aerosol phase and subsequent dispersion in a mechanically ventilated building," the authors write.
The amputation wound was monitored thereafter during the aerosol PBS and GCB treatment.
AERONET inversion algorithm developed by Dubovik and King [15] is employed to retrieve the wide number of aerosol optical properties from the measurements of direct and diffuse radiation.
The aerosol volume size distributions (VSD), single scattering albedo (SSA), refractive index(RI), and asymmetry parameter(ASY) values during dusty days suggested that dust aerosols are dominant over the anthropogenic aerosol in the Lahore, Pakistan.
The research found that 30 of 75 (40.00%) aerosol samples were positive for influenza A nuclei acid, in which six samples (20.00%) were positive for H9 subtypes of AIV nuclei acid and 24 (80.00%) were positive for other subtypes [Table 1].
Headquartered outside of Sydney, Australia, Ralpet produces a variety of aerosol caps, cosmetics jars and bottles for aerosol fillers and contract manufacturers across numerous end markets, including personal care, cosmetics, food and beverage and industrial.
Objective: To assess the effect of chronic exposure and inhalation of sea salt aerosol on pulmonary functions in seafarers.
The trial randomized 376 patients with mild-to-severe psoriasis to Cal/BD aerosol foam, Cal/BD ointment, foam vehicle, or ointment vehicle.
A HOUSE fire broke out after an aerosol was fashioned into a blow torch.