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a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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Those events have been tied to a southward shift of the tropical rainbelt, and research recently published in Nature Geoscience has now connected that movement to manmade aerosols in the atmosphere.
The aerosol volume size distributions (VSD), single scattering albedo (SSA), refractive index(RI), and asymmetry parameter(ASY) values during dusty days suggested that dust aerosols are dominant over the anthropogenic aerosol in the Lahore, Pakistan.
Headquartered outside of Sydney, Australia, Ralpet produces a variety of aerosol caps, cosmetics jars and bottles for aerosol fillers and contract manufacturers across numerous end markets, including personal care, cosmetics, food and beverage and industrial.
But what the researchers found was that when there is an abundance of aerosols in the air, as happens in places with lots of industrial or agricultural pollution, the same amount of water vapor gets absorbed by a larger number of aerosols.
The total effective radiative forcing due to aerosols (ERFari + ERFaci, excluding the effect of absorbing aerosol on snow and ice) is assessed to be -0.
background) airborne particles were then sampled in patient rooms and corridors for 30 minutes prior to aerosol injection (Table 1).
Researchers from Punjab University have also monitored different fractions of aerosol concentrations in UK in intercity buses, at sea side (Clacton on Sea) and in University accommodation to compare the data with different weather parameters and in comparison with
Research led by the University of Leeds shows that the effect of aerosols on the climate since industrialisation depends strongly on what the atmosphere was like before pollution--when aerosols were produced only from natural emissions.
In the past, numerous studies have identified black carbon aerosols emitted from combustion of fossil fuels and residential biofuels as the dominant light-absorbing aerosol over South Asia.
Aerosol particles from volcanoes, sea spray, burning fuel and other sources can cool the Earth's surface by scattering the sun's energy back into space and seeding brighter and more long-lived clouds.
org reported that researchers located a link between the potentially deadly storms and aerosols which can be found in natural forms such as volcanic plumes and clouds, as well as in manmade forms such as coal and oil.
ACA strongly maintains that the proposed PWMIR standards for aerosol coatings are severe, and that the VOC standards for aerosol adhesives are aggressive.
A powerful understanding of aerosol properties was made possible by the introduction of a globally acceptable ground based instrument known as Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) [1].
The acquisition in Mexico will provide a platform to grow our North American extruded aluminum packaging business, and in Argentina the new joint venture will leverage the combined strengths of Ball's steel aerosol can business in Argentina with Envases' extruded aluminum aerosol business in Argentina and Brazil.
MPASS measures aerosol surface area, a unique approach to the design of aerosol photometers.