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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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On the dashboard gauges, the MX-5's are "racer-style" and almost aeronautically crowded; on the Solstice, they're recessed, and sleeker, neater and more aesthetically pleasing.
It was, however, aeronautically utilitarian in other ways, as a visible and recognisable aerial landmark on the otherwise featureless Nullarbor, particularly for about 15-20 years when commercial airliners still flew overland to Perth.
Unlike many of the other commercial sites, this one links to areas of interest off their own site, and covers a wide variety of aeronautically related products, information , and services--not just their own stuff.
To stay fresh, Chanel has introduced its new aeronautically designed 2005 handbag; Fendi has a new croissant-style purse covered in pastel sequins; Ferragamo has created its own version of the Kelly bag; and Hermes has reintroduced its canvas and leather-trim bag from the '50s.
Plasma Technology, which is also working to scale up its aeronautically derived coating technology to supply natural gas-fueled power plants, is counting on the growth in construction of such plants, spurred by this fuel's current environmental popularity, to increase its business.
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