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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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Unlike many of the other commercial sites, this one links to areas of interest off their own site, and covers a wide variety of aeronautically related products, information , and services--not just their own stuff.
To stay fresh, Chanel has introduced its new aeronautically designed 2005 handbag; Fendi has a new croissant-style purse covered in pastel sequins; Ferragamo has created its own version of the Kelly bag; and Hermes has reintroduced its canvas and leather-trim bag from the '50s.
The company produces products considered to be the lightest, most responsive high-performance all-terrain boards in the world, including torsion-flex composite decks and aeronautically engineered components.
The journey begins as riders are strapped two abreast into sleek, aeronautically designed orange and teal trains.
This coming year we plan to repeat the Queen Mary 2 event and to run an additional aeronautically themed day in association with the regional airline Flybe, at their Exeter maintenance base.
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