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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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An aileron is most frequently defined aeronautically, i.e., as "a movable surface, usually near the trailing edge of a [airplane] wing, that controls the roll of the airframe or effects maneuvers, as banks and the like." ( Naigus's piece of the same name was composed for the 2015 International Horn Symposium in Los Angeles, and is a rollicking musical ride befitting the aeronautic definition above.
An aeronautically inspired renovation of a high-rise mid-century former office building, the H Hotel also features a fitness centre open 24/7, four meeting rooms, and a restaurant (the Wayport Kitchen) open for breakfast and dinner.
Rather than engaging in unproductive/unsafe dissonance resolution (e.g., denial, rationalization, etc.), the aeronautically safe solution--as Mr.
Plasma Technology, which is also working to scale up its aeronautically derived coating technology to supply natural gas-fueled power plants, is counting on the growth in construction of such plants, spurred by this fuel's current environmental popularity, to increase its business.
"Aeronautically, the flight path will be much improved with the new location of the heliport."
Unlike many of the other commercial sites, this one links to areas of interest off their own site, and covers a wide variety of aeronautically related products, information , and services--not just their own stuff.
On the dashboard gauges, the MX-5's are "racer-style" and almost aeronautically crowded; on the Solstice, they're recessed, and sleeker, neater and more aesthetically pleasing.
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