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an engineer concerned with the design and construction of aircraft

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The aeronautical engineer also produced preliminary designs for the jet-powered Vulcan bomber, but did not live to see it fly as he was killed in a crash during a test flight of another aircraft in 1947.
Today, it was confirmed that Ahmed worked in Bangalore as an aeronautical engineer for Infotech Enterprises from December 2005 to August 2006.
"Slogging through the atmosphere is like trying to throw a rock underwater," says aeronautical engineer Preston Carter, who developed HyperSoar.
During technical accidents of this nature resources personnel should be provided, in this case a technical expert (pilot or aeronautical engineer) to whom reporters could refer for technical clarification.
During the 1973 oil crisis, NASA Langley aeronautical engineer Richard Whitcomb designed and tested a vertical wingtip that he called a winglet, a device that reduces wingtip vortices and creates less drag.
Devon Sumner took the decision not to complete a product-design degree course at Leeds University because she realised her true vocation was to become an aeronautical engineer, a dream she is close to achieving with Airbus UK.
Royal Navy aeronautical engineer John Locker, 26, took 30 minutes to reel it in then took it to a tackle shop to be weighed.
Mr Redfern is an aeronautical engineer who co-founded a leading manufacturing improvement consultancy in 2001.
In a series of evaluations that began in October and ended last week, subtle shape-shifting by the wing's trailing edge minimized fuel-wasting air resistance, or drag, at a variety of altitudes, speeds, wing angles, and other conditions, says aeronautical engineer Russell F.
As BAC chairman he handed over the last Concorde to British Airways Sir Frederick Page, aeronautical engineer Born, February 20, 1917, died, May 29, 2005
The air moving through the stationary plane simulates flight, or a plane moving through stationary air, explains Jack Cherne, the aeronautical engineer heading the project, (Imagine running through stationary air.
Curado, a 45-year-old aeronautical engineer, has been with Embraer since 1984 serving in a variety of positions.
The film also features the remarkable story of Elsie MacGill, Chief Aeronautical Engineer at Canadian Car and Foundry, the first woman in Canada to graduate with an engineering degree and the first woman in the world to design an airplane.
If the line hadn't run out, says Joe Williams, an aeronautical engineer who helped design the kites, they could have soared even higher.
Aeronautical engineer Ahmed, 27, originally from Bangalore, India, was moved from Paisley to Glasgow Royal Infirmary last week.
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