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an engineer concerned with the design and construction of aircraft

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Today, it was confirmed that Ahmed worked in Bangalore as an aeronautical engineer for Infotech Enterprises from December 2005 to August 2006.
Aeronautical engineers had previously made military jets, such as the F-111, with wings that can change shape.
Jones, a NASA aeronautical engineer credited with advancing the idea of swept wing aircraft in the 1940s.
The air moving through the stationary plane simulates flight, or a plane moving through stationary air, explains Jack Cherne, the aeronautical engineer heading the project, (Imagine running through stationary air.
Victoria Andrews, 30, told how aeronautical engineer Kashif Araf, 24, had 'developed a crush' on her at work.
White, an aeronautical engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and codeveloper of the new material.
Wesoky, an aeronautical engineer at NASA in Washington, D.
This technology was developed and patented by the Aeronautical Engineer Sir Marc Willian Niess and is under development by MVC-Marcopolo Company in Brasil, together with PPE-Pole de Plasturgie D`Est in France and GE Plastics in USA, Germany and Brasil.
as a structural engineer, structural dynamicist, aeronautical engineer, project manager, and Senior Design Engineer.
He worked as an aeronautical engineer for Bell Aircraft and Lockheed, and retired from Marconi after 12 years as vice president/general manager in 1994.
Hendrickson and her husband, Clendon, moved to the Antelope Valley in January 1961 from Washington so he could accept a job as an aeronautical engineer at Edwards Air Force Base.
is a pioneer in the kit aircraft industry and was founded in 1973 by accomplished aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz.
Reed, an early aeronautical engineer, designer and founding member of the organization that became the AIAA, the award is the institute's highest honor for achievements in the field of aeronautical science and engineering.
GE Global Research, the centralized research organization of General Electric (NYSE: GE), today announced that Adam Rasheed, an aeronautical engineer, has been named to Technology Review Magazine's 2005 list of the world's Top 35 Young Innovators (TR35).
We do well in areas that are really cold - like Canada and Alaska,'' said Dan Kreigh, an aeronautical engineer at famed aircraft designer Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites company.
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