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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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It's the leading course selection expected of a training leader such as Carolina Aeronautical.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems produced the Predator for the U.
SACL lodged its Revised Draft Aeronautical Pricing Proposal with the ACCC on 5 October and claims that current charges are not reasonable or efficient and do not reflect the high quality of services and facilities provided to airlines and travellers.
Airports across the world are seeking to limit their reliance on aeronautical revenues to generate resources to meet rising infrastructure demands.
As one of the most respected A&P mechanic schools in the country, Carolina Aeronautical's financing service will provide military members an avenue to explore a potential career within the lucrative aeronautical field.
Based in San Diego, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems tests and checks its unmanned craft at Gray Butte Field east of Lake Los Angeles.
Chris Newell, CEO of Mediaware, said, "The fact that our technology was chosen by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, one of the world's top UAV manufacturers, speaks volumes about the reputation and track record of our technology.
To reduce the costs and the time required for the A&P certification process, many students are now enrolling in certification courses offered through the experts at Carolina Aeronautical.
The increases are based on a review carried out by the Fiji Commerce Commission as part of the Commerce (Control of Prices for Aeronautical Services) Order.
Mitchell was president of Ryan Aeronautical when Teledyne Ryan won the original Global Hawk contract in 1995.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems' (GA-ASI's) Warrior(TM) is the next generation high-performance UAV, derived from the combat-proven Predator(R) unmanned aircraft system.
com)-- By understanding the latest technology and working in a hands-on training environment, today's aeronautical students can quickly become exceptional in a range of repair techniques.
This contract provides aeronautical data translations, text finished products, aeronautical source processing service, FLIP DVD, aeronautical application and data delivery for the aerospatial Web service in support of critical aeronautical safety of navigation mission requirements.
president and CEO of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.
OTCBB:NAVH), a leading international provider of flight operations software, today announced the acquisition of European Aeronautical Group AB (EAG) from the SAS Group AB for SEK 162 million (approximately $20 million US), with an additional consideration conditional on certain business performance measures.
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