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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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The Collier Trophy will be presented by the president of the National Aeronautic Association at a dinner in Washington later this spring, sponsored by the National Aviation Club.
The Gulfstream's takeoff and arrival times were certified by officials appointed by the National Aeronautic Association.
Oliver, 65, is executive vice president and chief operating officer of European Aeronautic Defense and Space (EADS) Company's North American division.
The National Aeronautic Association notified the company last week that it had confirmed Proteus set national records in those three categories.
The Collier Trophy, awarded annually by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), is widely considered to be the most prestigious aviation award in the United States.
The company applied to the National Aeronautic Association for certification of the records for aircraft with takeoff weights between 3,000 kilograms and 6,000 kilograms, or 6,614 pounds to 13,227 pounds.
The alliance between Northrop and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG, known as Dasa, will be continued by the future European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co.
Sigma Design Company is a full-service engineering design firm providing creative manufacturing and engineering solutions for product, process and equipment solutions for the Aeronautic, Biotechnology, Chemical Processing, Environmental, Food and Beverage Processing, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Marine and Shipbuilding, and Pharmaceutical industries.
The new entity, to be called the European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Co.
LOS ANGELES -- Astronaut Eileen Collins, the first woman to pilot a space shuttle, will receive The Southern California Aeronautic Association's (SCAA) 2006 Howard Hughes Memorial Award at a banquet in Los Angeles on February 1, 2007.
The new corporation, to be called European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Co.
E[acute accent]Terma, a leading Denmark-based defense and aerospace company, is a proven developer of electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance systems, and aeronautic structures for high-performance military aircraft.
The award is a small silver pin depicting Snoopy, the lovable aeronautic dog of ``Peanuts'' fame.
Eclipse Aviation was recently honored for the development of the Eclipse 500 by the National Aeronautic Association, which awarded Eclipse the prestigious Robert J.
Music-comedy duo Mark Beckwith and Mark Towner share the ups and downs of aeronautic geniuses the Wright Brothers in a cassette called ``Following a Dream: The Musical Fable of the Wright Brothers.