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Read about Sophie Blanchard, an aeronaut who crossed the Alps in her beautifully painted balloon.
The report said that after the epic leap, Garnerin was granted the title Official Aeronaut of France and he went on to become a well-known international figure.
The two inventors are aeronaut Bertrand Piccard and businessman Andre Borschberg, who came are its official pilots.
The band has released one album so far - Peepshow - on the American label Aeronaut.
He also set up his own independent label Aeronaut records to release the band's material.
Elliott is perfectly cast as Scoresby, the extraordinary aeronaut in "Golden Compass," a New Line Cinema release set to open Dec.
In July 1857 at Julien's Musical Fete the aeronaut, Gray, ascended in a balloon.
The media are invited to cover this event, a kickoff of the 1993 celebration marking aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard's 46-minute journey from Philadelphia to Deptford at the behest of President George Washington.
NASDAQ:ASFT) today announced an extension of its partnership with Aeronaut Industries, Australia's largest supplier of quality third-party, add-on products for Windows developers.
Bertrand Piccard, a 51-year-old Swiss, is a psychiatric doctor and aeronaut by training, but an adventurer by passion.
When she discovers two of her friends have been taken, she joins with the friendly Gyptians on a mission to rescue them, along the way meeting armoured bear Iorek (Ian McKellen) and aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Sam Elliott).
That's great stuff, and helps make you forget the oddly dissonant presence of Sam Elliott as a Texan aeronaut whose every home-fried utterance sounds like a commercial for beef.