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b) EMD & TENDER COST (Non refundable): Earnest Money Deposit and Tender cost as specified in NIT to be furnished in the form of Demand Draft / Bankers Cheque /Pay Order payable to Hindustan Aeronaut ics Limited, Avionics Division, Korwa from any Nationalized Bank/ Scheduled Bank payable at SBI Korwa code no.
but, it is certain, that the Aeronaut has no control over its motion horizontally; he is at the sport of the winds, and is to descend when and how he can; his reaching the earth is a matter of hazard.
It is within poetry and aeronaut narratives, however, that fancy plays the most dynamic role.
He includes the Lafayette Escadrille and Lafayette Flying Corps badges, as well as army observer and aeronaut wings and various associated insignia.
The aeronaut and some friends raced out of the grounds in a horsedrawn vehicle, while we awaited anxiously their return but without success.
The plane flew above the Golden Gate Bridge as pilot Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss psychiatrist and aeronaut, touted the potential of clean energy.
Quadro 1--Empresas da amostra Energia Eletrobras Sabesp Carnes e Oi eletrica Fixa Aes Tiete Eletropaulo Papel e Brf AS Telefonia movel Celulose Cemig Energias BR Klabin AS Madeira Tim Part SA Cesp Light AS Suzano papel Duratex Compressores Outros Coelce Tractebel Exploracao Material Weg Rodovias Aeronaut.
Psychiatrist, aeronaut and lecturer, chairman of the Winds of Hope humanitarian foundation and goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, Piccard is passionate about today's great
Solar Impulse 2 is part of the Solar Impulse project, led by Piccard, a psychiatrist and aeronaut, and Borschberg, a businessman.
Dr Piccard -- doctor, explorer and aeronaut who made the first non-stop, round-the-world balloon flight -- is the initiator and chairman of Solar Impulse.
Read about Sophie Blanchard, an aeronaut who crossed the Alps in her beautifully painted balloon.
Terril, "Laminar flow in a uniformly porous channel,", Aeronaut.
The word "parachute" comes from the French prefix paracete, originally from the Greek, meaning to protect against, and chute, the French word for "fall", and it was originally coined, as a hybrid word which meant literally "that which protects against a fall", by the French aeronaut Francois Blanchard (1753-1809) in 1785.
Piccard, a doctor, psychiatrist and aeronaut, found his dream in the Solar Impulse project.