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meteorology of the total extent of the atmosphere

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But scientists at the Central Aerological Observatory say they are deep into negotiations with city authorities and expect the cloud-seeding plan to go forward.
This linear connection was first determined by Okulov (2003) on the basis of radiosonde observations at Tallinn Aerological Station (59.
Because the main task of Grunow's and Huefner's interesting investigations was to use the snow crystals as an aerological sonde, not much attention was paid to the composition and classification of snowflakes.
Tenders are invited for Modernization of Aerological Network Equipment
Additionally, wind data recorded at Tallinn (Harku) Aerological Station (during 1953-1977 at 59[degrees]28' N, 24[degrees]49' E, later at 59[degrees]24' N, 24[degrees]36' E) on the 850 hPa isobaric level were used.
The subject of public procurement is the purchase of 4 sets of aerological measurements of the atmosphere.
Invitation for Bids: Modernization Of Aerological Network Equipment