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a stony meteorite consisting of silicate minerals

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It was recently acquired by the nonprofit Space, Arts and Science Institute, and is on loan to Aerolite Meteorites, Inc.
Types of pigments: Reds (azo, quinacridone), Specialty pigments (carbazole), Yellow and oranges (azo, benzimidazole) Product name: Pigment Orange 36, Aerolite Fast Orange 3600C Paint
JSP has announced its HardCap AeroLite is the latest addition to the PPE specialist's range of bump caps designed for work environments where there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary objects.
In the meantime, head over to Geoff Notkin's online shop at - Geoff is one of television's 'Meteorite Men' and is a world expert in space rocks.
Dunn and Druford took home the second prize of Taylormade R-1 driver, Siffre ad Oherely each received Mizuno Aerolite cart bag, Morris and Slater got Commander Cart bags and Hanlon and Irfan won Taylormade whitesmoke putters.
Powerbelt Aerolite * This bullet is designed specifically for use with 100-grain loads, though it performs with the same flat trajectory and crushing knockdown power of hotter loads.
Air Ambulance Technology (AAT) and Aerolite Max Boucher AG are able to supply installations off the shelf for helicopters and these installations are supplied with a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) which means that they comply with the relevant airworthiness regulations.
Bellbridge uses Wools of New Zealand in its Naturals Collection, which includes Aerolite, patterned after the striations of light caused by meteors and shooting stars.
Joining the Fire-fly lx30mm is the Aerolite Red Dot lx2lmm.
Ranging from 10- to 29-passenger capacity (excluding driver), the Aerolite, Aerotech and Aero XT all offer a full range of floorplans, optional equipment and handicapped accessibility, as well as full ADA compliance.
Orozco's treatment of it goes even further toward advancing the notion of this car as a "sculptural aerolite." But making the piece available to the public--visitors were free to touch, to open the doors and trunk, even to sit in the seats--constituted a divergence from the usual relation between the work of art and the spectator; it was more like a vehicle in a salesroom.
The stone is probably an aerolite, and it was worshiped long before Muhammed's day.
Aerolite's Lightweight Hard Shell 55cm case with four wheels is only 2.5kg and complies with cabin baggage dimensions for most airlines.
Take all of the stress from your packing with the Aerolite self-weighing case.