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a letter sent by air mail

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Both physically and conceptually, the aerograms occupy the space between Hell Notes, 1990/2017, the first film Davey ever made (rarely shown and only recently digitized), and a handful of her more current videos and related photographs, including Hemlock Forest, 2016, and Wedding Loop, 2017, which deal with the death of Chantal Ackerman and the lives of Davey's many sisters, respectively.
As with her aerograms, Davey has perfected a kind of signature style in her videos, a mode of address that finds her wandering restlessly through the rooms of her apartment, a smartphone in her hand, a tiny microphone clipped to her T-shirt, and a set of headphones plugged into her ears, listening to a text she's written and recorded, which she is playing back to herself and repeating out loud, line by line, for us.
These aerograms were messier; she seemed unable to square the edges or to smooth the wrinkles and bubbles that formed under the tabs.
Mishan just wrote a letter on one of those old-fashioned blue aerograms and shipped it off to Harry and, bang, I got in with a full scholarship.
By the time I finally did meet her, in the seventies, she was between her ferocious books on Vietnam and Watergate, settled into her fourth marriage, to the diplomat James West, and full of gray-eyed matronly advice, to be followed up with little blue aerograms from Paris, gently reproving.