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a letter sent by air mail

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Nonna's aerogram letters, per via aerea, with their red and blue borders and her shaking cursive script on the front, arrived battered, creased, sometimes damp, occasionally torn; this was evidence, I believed, of just how far away Nonna's village was from Melbourne and of the long and hazardous journey that stopped her visiting us.
On Sunday evenings while my father watched television, while my brother and I rushed to finish the last of our homework, my mother sat at the kitchen table, with a biro, a book or a newspaper to act as a pad for writing on and a crisp new blue aerogram sheet to reply to her mother.
The aerogram letter from Zia Yanna arrived on one of those normal weekday nights.
But she did get on the plane and she wrote us weekly aerogram letters until Nonna's actual death three months later.
By the time I finally did meet her, in the seventies, she was between her ferocious books on Vietnam and Watergate, settled into her fourth marriage, to the diplomat James West, and full of gray-eyed matronly advice, to be followed up with little blue aerograms from Paris, gently reproving.