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a letter sent by air mail

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(1) Joined Cases T-415/05 Greece v Commission, T-416/05 Olympiakes Aerogrammes v Commission and T-423/05 Olympiaki Aeroporia Ypiresies v Commission
Clark, an ardent fan of all American sports that ended with "ball," had taken time off from reading Louis-Ferdinand Celine's Voyage au bout de la nuit to explain the mysteries of American football to me and was diagramming potential plays by the Hawkeye football team on backs of aerogrammes my parents sent me every day.
This contains five Harry Potter Aerogrammes which can be sent to friends through the Owl Post Office, receiving the special postmark, eight postcards and a stamp presentation pack.
It consists of "any mail article, including packages, post cards, and aerogrammes, mailed at the letter rate or equivalent class or category of postage." 19 C.F.R.
Diana wrote the blue BFPO aerogrammes known as ``blueys'' while James was a serving captain with the British Army in the first Gulf War, expressing her concern, her need to scrutinise the news and how young Harry, wearing a tank commander's uniform, curled up next to her at night.
So I explored new ground by studying other areas of the postal service, such as aerogrammes, postal stationery, stamp booklets and greeting telegrams.
LC: One of the classifications of international mail, which includes letters, letter packages, aerogrammes and postcards.
Next came Lionel with fifteen sheets of "Aerogrammes of Kuwait".
aACAo Purchasable items - Parcel boxes, envelopes and aerogrammes can be bought.
- Judgement in joined Cases T-415/05, T-416/05, T-423/05 Greece v Commission, Olympiakes Aerogrammes v Commission, Olympiaki Aeroporia Ypiresie v Commission.
Yet the heartening trickle of blue aerogrammes, which dried up when the invasion began, has started to flow again - three in the past two days.
Other avenues of communication include "blueys", blue forces aerogrammes obtained at a Post Office and sent free of charge.
Forces aerogrammes are free to any BFPO numbers in Kosovo and Macedonia.