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Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Singapore coming out with Deepavali Aerogramme was a great honor for Hindus in Singapore and worldwide.
The Carling Premier Stage: Queen Adreena, Katastrophy Wife, Medal, At The Drive-in, Aerogramme, Hank Williams III, Beechwood Sparks, Ben Christophers, Home, Co.
But the gig wasn't cancelled - fans were treated to an impromptu performance when singer Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro and vocalist Craig B from Aerogramme stepped in to join the band.
YOU can write to our lads for free by picking up an MoD aerogramme at your local post office.
The free Forces Aerogramme (aka the Bluey) is available to all deployed forces.
The band will feature alongside Aerogramme from Scotland, Manchild from Wales and Coldplay from England on the 'United Nations' programme which will be broadcast live on Radio 1 between 8pm and midnight.
And also making the crossover, Aerogramme mix sensitive ballads with all-out RAWK.
Support act Aerogramme were a band so deliberately depressing they made Leonard Cohen sound like The Tweenies.
After Sunday's party, which will feature short sets from Aerogramme, Arab Strap, the delgados, Magoo, Mogwai and Suckle, Paul and Emma will concentrate on the latest delgados project.
Soccer legend Denis Law teamed up with little Callum Thayne yesterday to kick off a new aerogramme.
The "blueys" got their name from the blue aerogrammes traditionally sent to those in the armed forces.
aACAo Purchasable items - Parcel boxes, envelopes and aerogrammes can be bought.