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Synonyms for aerogram

a letter sent by air mail

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The handwritten aerogram in Hebrew opens with the warm salutation, "Raizele," an endearing Yiddish way to say my name.
As I was growing up, she told me this story as many times as she told me about her hot tears of love streaming onto my face, of writing on a tissue-thin Blue aerogram to her own mother continents away to say, I finally understand the way you love me.
Eugenides, who himself graduated from Brown in 1983, re-creates the feel of that pre-Internet, pre-cellphone time with vivid detail: the Plasmatics T-shirts, the toe socks, the crinkly pale-blue aerogram letters to and from friends traveling in Europe, the way everyone in the English department seems to be reading but possibly not understanding Derrida.
394 million un-registered letters, aerogram, postcards, printed cards, newspapers, small packets during the last fiscal year.
Sent from "Milano, Italy" on April 1, 1960, this nondescript aerogram from an agricultural machine manufacturer was addressed to "U.