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a letter sent by air mail

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On Sunday evenings while my father watched television, while my brother and I rushed to finish the last of our homework, my mother sat at the kitchen table, with a biro, a book or a newspaper to act as a pad for writing on and a crisp new blue aerogram sheet to reply to her mother.
The handwritten aerogram in Hebrew opens with the warm salutation, "Raizele," an endearing Yiddish way to say my name.
Sent from "Milano, Italy" on April 1, 1960, this nondescript aerogram from an agricultural machine manufacturer was addressed to "U.S.A.
Robinson immediately scribbled off an aerogram to Kahn, saying how she was impressed with Perth, presciently calling it the 'California of Australia'.
You can write to the lads for free by obtaining a Ministry of Defence aerogram at your local post office.
For 1998, Posindo booked Rp 38 billion in operating losses from the provision of mail, post card, and aerogram services.
"Although Airshow Canada likes to present the image of a commercial rather than military show," writes the editor of Airshow Canada's Aerogram, "it was impossible to avoid the echoes of the Persian Gulf War in 1991." (1) Since its inception in 1989, Airshow Canada has managed to avoid completely the kind of sustained publicity that eventually closed the ARMX trade show in Ottawa - so much so that in April Project Censored Canada ranked the military activities surrounding Airshow Canada the eighth most censored news story of 1995.
I remember as a young boy using postcards, inlands, aerograms and stamped envelopes to write to relatives and friends.
Earlier this year, Davey began to photograph these pennies--seemingly accidental portraits of Abraham Lincoln and print them on her now signature aerograms, which she mailed in succession to the staff of Galerie Buchholz, her gallery in New York.