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One question was how to achieve the thin trailing edge needed on the aerofoils.
The blades of modern high-efficiency wind turbines are aerofoil sections.
For each aerofoil profile, the lift force increases with the angle of incidence, but only up to a point: beyond this, the lift force suddenly drops, as the air flow stalls, separating from the upper surface of the wing shape.
If a blade is built up in the horizontal position, if will have ridges running along the length of the blade, perpendicular to the air flow, which is likely to compromise the performance of the aerofoil (Stamper & Dekker, 2000).
Realising the impact of this trend and the increasing importance of these aerofoils to the efficiency levels and branding of their customers' fleets, Carrier Transicold searched for an existing system that would still meet these requirements whilst giving engineers safe access and a stable platform.
In an industry first, Carrier Transicold has developed a tilting cab roof aerofoil and working platform to help ensure that routine maintenance on truck-mounted refrigeration units can be carried out in the field quickly and cost-effectively without compromising engineer safety.
The tilted aerofoil also helps form a barrier to reduce the risk of a fall.
Ryder Europe worked with Carrier Transicold in the development and trials of the cab roof aerofoil.
Mettis, which employs 620 at its Windsor Road plant, is considered one of the world's premier suppliers of forged aerofoils to the aerospace industry and is viewed as the market leader in the supply of aluminium aero engine vanes.
As illustrated, there is a good match between aerofoils geometries Fig 11a also shows that there is a good match on the computed and target surface pressure distribution.
The authors also assume that this baseline design contains two types of aerofoils as illustrated in table 7; NACA 67-1015 and NACA 66-008 are applied for the inboard and outboard sections as shown in figures 14, 15 and 16.
The aerofoils will be generated and applied in each spanwise position as illustrated in Fig 11.
In addition, the aerofoils for the root and break point 1 have a less max-thickness compared to initial design, however for the break point 2 and tip, the thickness of aerofoil is higher than the initial design.
SPA Aerofoils, which has 84 workers, secured six appointments, which included meetings with buyers from Greece, Sweden and Mexico, as well as other UK motorsport companies.
John Love, from SPA Aerofoils, said: "We're very pleased with the day which has given us several excellent leads to pursue.