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The second most paramount thing is to design an aerofoil plate in a way that it doesn't act as an obstruction to the airflow.
The gentle slope of the boot lid with the automatically extending aerofoil accentuates the impression of width, as do the flat LED tail lights, explained Taneja.
The second important design decision is the choice of the aerofoil shape.
From there, air emerges through a slot that directs it over the hoop's aerofoil surface.
The tilted aerofoil also helps form a barrier to reduce the risk of a fall.
The improvement of the aerodynamic performance of UAV/UCAVs can be achieved by optimising the aerofoil shapes for the aerofoil sections (2, 5, 8, 17, 22) and wing planform (3), (12, 13, 25).
The statistical analysis for both systems showed a shortening of the annulus and a smaller overall aerofoil shape.
2002), Control of Transonic Periodic Flow on NACA-0012 Aerofoil by Contour Bumps, Proceedings of IUTAM Symposium Transsonicum IV, Goettingen, Germany, 02-06 September 2002
Mettis Aerospace has clinched a long-term contract with Derby-based Rolls-Royce to supply precision forged aerofoil components for a range of programs, including the Trent 700 & Trent 800, BRR710 and V2500 aero engines.
The sextet of bays forms a curved spinal edge, inset with long strips of horizontal glazing shaded by aerofoil wing brise-soleil (in southern latitudes, north-facing elevations get most sun and light).
Data Item 99003 is a development and design tool for low-drag aerofoils and contains the exact Lighthill method, a program for generating aerofoil geometry and inviscid flow characteristics.
These are aerofoil in section, constructed from a series of transverse steel trusses, and cantilevered from a central truss supported on a row of five columns.
L'Arca is at the end of an old wooden pier built out from a wharf into the sea, Its presence is advertised at the wharf's edge by an illuminated sign running down the side of a vertical aerofoil clad in riveted steel sheet.
It has now been much improved with an ingenious device: a system of big stainless steel aerofoil baffles which projects over the road at each side, catches wind deflected downwards from the face of the building, channels it underneath in a new void over the road and then projects it up and outwards on the other side.
An aerofoil section roof parapet unifies the external composition of each block.