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the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow

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Back at Grove, we have 500 people in the team, most of them are the best at what they do in the field from engineers to aerodynamicists to vehicle dynamicists, a big variation of people and they have risen to the top of their chosen field, so I think there is a lot of parallels in terms of bringing excellence to the field," Wolff explained.
Meeting these requirements requires the participation of aerodynamicists, structural analysts, materials engineers, process engineers, and controls engineers, each of whose design decisions affect those of other members of the rotor, turbine, and Wind Power Plant (WPP) design teams.
In an already secure building, access to the RP Lab requires additional clearance because of the work performed there, Operating around the clock, the highly trained team of technicians is vital to the global base of GM designers, aerodynamicists and engineers who achieve huge gains in creativity, flexibility and accuracy along with dramatic savings in time and money.
We have chosen to give our aerodynamicists and engineers an extra 10 days - which doesn't sound much but in Formula One terms that's a long period of time - to find more performance.
He got a group of engineers and aerodynamicists their jobs back.
Aerodynamicists compare the air resistance efficiency of objects by their drag coefficient (Cd), which is the drag the object produces compared with the drag of a theoretical flat plate the same size as the object traveling flat side against the wind.
Working closely with GM aerodynamicists to shape the Volt, design and engineering teams developed one of the most aerodynamic vehicles in GM's history.
Theodore Von Karman, head of the Caltech Guggenheim's Aeronautical Laboratory and one the leading aerodynamicists in the world.
One of the first things he did was call a meeting with Theodore von Karman, one of the greatest aerodynamicists of the 20th century.
Here, with the same approach he used in his previous books on compressor aerodynamics, he discusses turbine aerodynamic design and analysis, for aerodynamicists who want to apply modern technology to the task.
Aerodynamicists are heavily reliant on computational fluid dynamics techniques.
Our new aerodynamicists have quite a challenge on their hands and coupled with our new windtunnel, we now expect to take a corrective course of action.
JAGUAR have continued their behind-the-scenes reshuffle with the appointment of two new aerodynamicists.
The unsung heroes of all this are the aerodynamicists and model makers - they are essentially the second race team.