aerodynamic lift

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the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on an airfoil that opposes gravity

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Based on the theory of the aircraft aerodynamic lift, the steady-state theory of automobile aerodynamic lift suggests that the air flowing velocity through the upper is faster than the bottom because the upper surface of car-body is longer than the bottom surface.
Aerodynamic lift, preventing the shroud from being blown downwind in high wind speeds.
As for styling, the front fascia has a wider lower grille and more narrow upper grille while the bonnet vent helps reduce heat and aerodynamic lift. At the rear, a sculptured deck lid, horizontal lamps and a diffuser complete the fresh design.
The front fascia has a wider lower grille and a narrower upper grille, while the functional bonnet vent helps reduce heat and aerodynamic lift. At the rear, a sculptural deck lid, horizontal lamps and a diffuser complete the new design.
"The capsules are supported on a cushion of air, featuring pressurized air and aerodynamic lift," it said.
The fins and the web between the tentacles create aerodynamic lift and keep the squid stable on its flight arc," Professor Jun Yamamoto, of Hokkaido University said.
Unlike traditional airships that rely on a contained gas within the envelope to provide all required lift for flight, hybrid airships use a combination of buoyant lift (provided by a gas such as helium), aerodynamic lift (generated by airflow across the surfaces of the vehicle) and, in some cases, direct vertical lift provided by propulsion systems (similar to current rotary-wing aircraft).
Once cargo is secured on board, the air vehicle can rise by releasing more compressed helium into its containment ranks and engage its vectorable turbo-prop engines for the lateral flight to its destination, producing aerodynamic lift assisted by the expanded helium.
Chapter three introduces the discontinuity theory and describes the early British research programme on aerodynamic lift, which began to show up discrepancies between theory and practice.
On the bootlid itself you'll find a spoiler that lifts automatically to reduce aerodynamic lift at speeds.
where [theta] is gliding angle, X is aerodynamic resistance force, Y is aerodynamic lift force, K is coefficient of performance, [C.sub.D] is coefficient of resistance force, and [C.sub.L] is coefficient of lift force.
'The tail lip halves the aerodynamic lift around maximum speed and brings in its train greater headroom and more luggage space,' declared Motor magazine, concluding that the DB6 was one of the finest sports cars it had tested.
Benefiting from another scholar's uplift is scholarly tailgating, the process of networking to create an aerodynamic lift for one's career and capitalizing on the expertise of others to help professional dreams materialize.
Optical lift differs from aerodynamic lift. A plane flies because air flowing more slowly under its wing exerts more pressure than the faster air flowing above.
The former brings extra racing style to the exterior of the car while reducing aerodynamic lift and includes a lip spoiler for the front apron plus a revised rear apron with diffuser design inspired by the Carrera GT supercar.
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