aerodynamic lift

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the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on an airfoil that opposes gravity

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With envelope buoyancy providing 70 to 80 percent of the required lift and aerodynamic lift providing the remainder, engineers can maximize payload ranges and optimize fuel and speed efficiencies.
However, it does highlight the fact that aeroplanes did fly in the first decades of the 20th century, largely as a result of the work of practical engineers and designers, and despite the theoreticians having an incomplete and flawed understanding of aerodynamic lift.
The tail lip halves the aerodynamic lift around maximum speed and brings in its train greater headroom and more luggage space,' declared Motor magazine, concluding that the DB6 was one of the finest sports cars it had tested.
Benefiting from another scholar's uplift is scholarly tailgating, the process of networking to create an aerodynamic lift for one's career and capitalizing on the expertise of others to help professional dreams materialize.
At lower wind speeds, weight-saving Ultrablade(TM) fabric solutions can help increase a blade's aerodynamic lift, torque and energy output.
The former brings extra racing style to the exterior of the car while reducing aerodynamic lift and includes a lip spoiler for the front apron plus a revised rear apron with diffuser design inspired by the Carrera GT supercar.
For example, the textures on the side surfaces don't simply provide the appearance of flow, but actually feed air to the rear brakes, oil cooler, and the transmission cooler; headlamp trim pieces help cut aerodynamic lift.
Code-named ``Walrus,'' the new airship would fly using a combination of lighter-than-air gas - like conventional blimps or World War I zeppelins - and aerodynamic lift generated by the craft's shape, as well as thrust vectoring.
The makers of this new disc claim its design will maintain its aerodynamic lift and keep it moving forward.
Flaps are special retractable panels on aircraft wings which increase aerodynamic lift.
Aerodynamic lift takes more than half of the aircraft's weight off the water and with a tap on the back-stick energy is translated into flying mode.
At the same time MG have been able to cut aerodynamic lift, which literally tries to make a car fly as speeds increase, by more than 28 per cent.
Power-assist rotation: In the absence of wind, the turbine boosts itself with a starter motor once a minute for ten seconds, creating enough aerodynamic lift to catch even a small breeze and keep on turning.
What's really going on is that the aerodynamic lift forces that act on a smooth sphere can fluctuate and cause the zigzagging.
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