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forces acting on airfoils in motion relative to the air (or other gaseous fluids)

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The motion of the ice piece is driven mostly by aerodynamic forces. Research works covering wind engineering have established that three dimensionless parameters play a role in the motion of flying debris, apart from the Reynolds number that may play a role in aerodynamic forces [5-7].
where K is the torsion stiffness, Q the pitching torque generated by the aerodynamic force, and J is the inertia moment of the wing which can be defined as
The aerodynamic force [F.sub.a] is nonlinear in nature.
Yan, "Aerodynamic force characteristics and galloping analysis of iced bundled conductors," Wind and Structures, An International Journal, vol.
[19] conducted a series of wind tunnel tests on the 2: 1 scaled model of iced contact wires and obtained the relation between aerodynamic force coefficients and angles of attack in the different turbulent flow fields.
Drag minimisation and vertical aerodynamic force control are of paramount importance for a safe record attempt on the constrained distance of 12 miles available at the record attempt site in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa.
The steady aerodynamic moment is computed with a cross product between the distance vector from the center of gravity to the body center of pressure and the body aerodynamic force vector in (10).
Flutter is an aeroelastic instability phenomenon, which involves the interaction of elastic structures, aerodynamic force, and inertial force.
The effect of the aerodynamic force on the operating lines for the UCM model with De = 0.05 and [DELTA] [p.sub.g] = 0.4, 0.5 and 0.8 is depicted in Fig.
Bird changes flight pose and aerodynamic force through adjusting bend and torsion deformation of wing.
For example, wind tunnel testing after the mishap revealed a previously unidentified aerodynamic force: in one-G flight with flaps down configuration, the true AOA is negative when above 180 knots.
The authors take into account the hurdle clearance stride where there is only the aerodynamic force acting on the athlete, but the extra distance of the hurdle clearance stride is only 0.5 m, and during this time the athlete reduces frontal area.
Voice quality is thus the combination of these two vibrating structures, passively driven by the aerodynamic force of the subglottic pressure.
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