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Synonyms for aerodynamic

of or relating to aerodynamics

designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

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[Q.sub.0] is the generalized unsteady aerodynamic influence coefficients.
A range of bespoke carbon fibre components, including an extended front splitter, dive-planes and elevated rear wing all work to maximise the XKR-S GT's aerodynamic downforce.
Air flows turbulently inside the wheel wells when a vehicle is moving, and some of this air flows out alongside the vehicle and causes aerodynamic drag to worsen.
The FIA is making radical aerodynamic changes for 2019 to improve overtaking.
"The unique profiles and aerodynamic arrangement of the helicopter blades reduce the effect of supersonic speeds arising at the ends of the blades.
Chittaranjan (West Bengal), Oct 26 ( ANI ): Indian Railways has got its first engine with aerodynamic and ergonomic design produced by state-owned locomotive manufacturer Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW).
This move is intended to help decrease the car's aerodynamic drag coefficient to just 0.28.
FORMULA One's governing body the FIA has moved to clarify that mirrors mounted on the Halo must not give any aerodynamic benefit.
This blade has been engineered with a carbon girder which provides the capability to utilize thinner aerodynamic profiles and provides higher lift with less drag to contribute to the turbine's excellent performance in low wind sites, it added.
A team of researchers introduce modern design methods for wind turbine airfoils and blades, along with such relevant related topics as aerodynamic airfoil performance, aerodynamic shape characteristics of blades, and aeroelastic structural characteristics.
However, it is still time-consuming for any high-fidelity CFD techniques to simulate the unsteady aerodynamic loads due to the broad variation of parameters, such as different combinations of mean angle of attack and Mach number.
In order to save fuel, reduction of aerodynamic drag has always been concerned by car-body design engineer, but little attention was paid to aerodynamic lift.
By combining an experienced German R&D centre with excellent Taiwanese production competence, Merida officially announce its aerodynamic model in both rim and disc brake in Apeldoorn before the Grand Depart in DE-sseldorf.
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