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of or relating to aerodynamics

designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

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periodical (harmonic) aerodynamic load components ([F.
The study, which looked at the aerodynamic and toxic properties of graphene-based nanoplatelets, was published in the journal ACS Nano.
Considered revolutionary, the aerodynamic wind tunnel facility will provide cost-effective solutions for aerodynamic test and development of a wide range of applications such as designing world class stadiums, motorsport, sports equipment, wind engineering, automotive vehicle development, and for the aerospace sector.
Based on the V8-powered FX50S Premium, the concept features changes to the engine, suspension and body, with some key aerodynamic input from Red Bull Racing.
Introduction" describes the structure of the monograph and the practical values of research results; it overviews the types and structure of granular charges used for air treatment and their physical characteristics that have an influence on the aerodynamic resistance of devices.
The change of wing structure deformation not only influences aerodynamic force but also changes flight pose for flapping wing.
The Tahoe's aerodynamic design means less trips to the petrol station and more value for your money.
BORGWARD, who became interested in airplanes, and later helicopters, at a very early age, realised back in the 1930s that aerodynamic principles could be applied to automobiles much in the same way they were used in aircraft construction.
The design updates are said to further optimise the new-engine variant's performance and include aft body aerodynamic improvements, engine installation and flight control and system updates.
7 seconds and a top speed of 202mph are maintained, in spite of the extra drag created by the new aerodynamic elements.
The same main pneumatic drivers that currently act the aerodynamic rudders of the rocket actuate the gas dynamic control used in this part of the flight.
Aerodynamic Loads on Ships--Classical Determination
ROUND TRIP Design lets Pod expand and contract and is aerodynamic to boot; MODERN The interior of the new-look caravan
Then instead of commenting on audible sound nuisance - the aerodynamic "whoomph, whoomph" which some find so painful - he went off at a tangent, denying the effect of infra-sound which I had not mentioned.
The Block 2 variant of Raytheon's Rolling Airframe Missile (Ram) was recently under test in Nasa's Ames Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel facility; an exercise that netted more than 500 GB of aerodynamic data.
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