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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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The proposed changes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, published in Canada Gazette, Part I, would require proponents to consult with stakeholders before developing an aerodrome or significantly changing an existing one.
MANAMA: Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the managing and operating body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), celebrated the renewal of the Aerodrome Certification from the Transportation Ministry's Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA).
Now aged 76, the grandfatherof-three, watched on as a child as the historic fighters were created close to his Erdington home and tested on Castle Bromwich aerodrome ready to be deployed.
A series of low level flights will be conducted to make sure flight paths at the aerodromes continue to operate safely.
In 2001, ICAO established the Manual on Certification of Aerodromes, which defines the regulatory framework intended to ensure that the facilities, equipment and operating procedures at aerodromes comply with the ICAO standards and recommended practices.
It said: "Names that are non-aviation related, the name of a public figure or that reflect the type of aerodrome or its operation, eg.
It is also key that local people's involvement is such that they feel confident that noise amelioration schemes and the enhanced role of the air traffic control services, working closer with aerodrome managers, will combine to make a difference to the quality of their lives.
Lagan Group Limited, a British construction firm has secured the $150 for the proposed refurbishment of airports and aerodromes in Zambia.
Problems at small aircraft and general aviation aerodromes sited near large commercial airports have led to European Union ministers being asked to change airport security regulations introduced hastily in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
As an ex member of the RAF, who served with Bomber Command during the last war, may I remind you that the danger from birds was quite prevalent on many RAF aerodromes 60 years ago.
This certification means that suitably equipped remote aerodromes, and EurnskE[micro]ldsvik, might be controlled from the remote tower centre RTC) at Sundsvall.
The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) announced yesterday that flight safety checks will be carried out at Rockhampton, Proserpine, Bowen, Townsville, Ingham, Mareeba, Far North, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Innisfail aerodromes.
This is a great example of how the Regional Aviation Fund is improving public-use regional aerodromes so they can make a stronger contribution to local economies and communities," Ms Kealy said.
Ron Nelson, Liberal candidate for Bellarine, said that the upgrading of the Barwon Heads Airport runway is a great example of how the Regional Aviation Fund is improving public-use regional aerodromes so they can make a stronger contribution to local economies and communities.
The Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program is jointly funded by State and Commonwealth Governments, and aims to improve the safety and accessibility of aerodromes in remote areas, and the delivery of essential goods and services including health care," Mr Mullighan said.
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