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exercise that increases the need for oxygen

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Japan is said to have the world's largest number of aerobics practitioners, totaling about 25,000, and Japanese have won aerobics competitions around the world almost annually.
Destiny Class vessels feature 15,000 square feet including gyms with 10 Quinton treadmills, five Stairmasters, eight Lifecycles, two Concept II weight machines, free weights, aerobics room, and juice bar.
The former professional boxing official says the aerobics training sessions are "good for our health and a way to give back to younger generations".
The walk will start in the morning at 5am and will be followed by aerobics at Mochudi Home Gardens.
Now two Welsh DJs, Mikey Snooze, 33, and Nathan Jones, 27, both from Cardiff, have mined the '80s for inspiration for their new club night Lycra - dance parties where an aerobics fitness routine is built into the show.
Thus, on May 23-25, 2019, the National Gymnastics Arena will receive the strongest athletes of the continent in aerobics for the first time.
"Water aerobics is good because of its low-impact on the joints," says Debra Love Smith, a group fitness and wellness instructor in Safety Harbor, Florida.
In the present study, we aimed to assess the effects of Aqua Power aerobics sessions on body composition and cardiovascular response in middle-aged overweight women after a six-month intervention.
The mean post intervention scores of GWB following 3 weeks (210.32 [+ or -] 20.62) and 6 weeks (223.35 [+ or -] 22.63) of dance aerobics were higher than the mean pre intervention score (196.90 [+ or -] 20.95) of GWB.
By searching the key words such as normal colleges, aerobics, current conditions in online libraries and China National Knowledge Infrastructure, we can check, summarize and analyze the literatures.
So when I read that water aerobics could do just that, my ears pricked up.
Water aerobics is an exercise that is commonly practiced by the elderly and offers benefits such as reduced heart rate and increases in maximum oxygen uptake (VO2), muscle mass, and range of motion as well as improvements in physical and psychological well-being and cognitive function (2,20,21).
"We pointed out at the time that this would mean sharing the sports hall with aerobics classes as all other studios were occupied.
NOVA combines elements of aerobics and yoga | NOVA combines elements of aerobics and yoga
Cooper Aerobics announces renovation plans for its 61-room, full service Cooper Hotel and Conference Center.