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depending on free oxygen or air

based on or using the principles of aerobics


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However, in young adults, although we see an increase in memory in more aerobically fit individuals, we did not see differences in hippocampal size," said Barbey.
Plants were grown aerobically without any nutrient supply.
Froning is capable of deadlifting 240 kilos, squat 190, bench 150, clean and jerk 150 and snatch 120 and is believed to be as aerobically fit as an Olympic swimmer.
Furthermore, it has not been investigated in a relatively homogeneous sample of recreationally aerobically trained males and females.
The game against Bolton on Saturday was our third in a week, yet we covered more ground running-wise and aerobically than in the other games.
The reverse runners used significantly less oxygen, meaning they had become aerobically fitter and had lost an average of 2.
The papers offer a general overview of macronutrients and their role in sporting activities; discuss pre-exercise, during-exercise, and post-exercise considerations for both resistance and aerobically mediated activity of nutrients; and offer future-directed explorations of such topics as the impact of protein sources in the context of timing, the place of nutrient timing in a comprehensive recovery program, and application of nutrient timing to special populations such as the aged and the military.
The four dietary treatments were i) a dry diet (DR) as a control, ii) an aerobically fermented diet (AE), iii) an anaerobically fermented diet (AN), and iv) a 0.
These had been selected to include the most aerobically challenging games available and included running, dancing, and simulated boxing.
Reynolds consulted the goal was obviously two-fold: to exercise aerobically and reduce the risk for sedentary lifestyle-related illnesses and conditions.
Scott emphasizes that to fully account for the calories burned during exercise, three components must be measured: calories burned aerobically during exercise, calories burned aerobically after exercise (EPOC), and anaerobic calories burned from exercise.
While physical activity is part of the national curriculum and school break times are a chance to run around and let off steam, parents and carers can do a lot to ensure their little ones are aerobically fit, develop good exercise habits and store up health benefits for later:
Nor will we fool death with our beautiful bodies, youthfully lifted faces or even the inner health of aerobically exercised hearts and lungs.
Moreover, the spoilage flora of refrigerated, aerobically stored poultry meat is generally dominated by Pseudomonas spp.