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Synonyms for aerobic

depending on free oxygen or air

based on or using the principles of aerobics


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However, in young adults, although we see an increase in memory in more aerobically fit individuals, we did not see differences in hippocampal size," said Barbey.
After the inoculated spots had dried, the agar plates were incubated aerobically at 35+-2degC for 18 h.
As a rule, aim to exercise aerobically for about 30 minutes a day, Five days per week, starting slowly--five to 10 minutes of walking is ideal--and working your way up gradually to that goal.
Without oxygen, the body requires a striking 18 times the amount of glucose to derive the same amount of ATP as it can aerobically. And fatty acids generate a particularly large portion of the energy in the aerobic system.
You have to make it tough for them aerobically by making them do a lot of work on defence.
Scientists found that aerobically fit nine and 10-year-olds had denser regions of "white matter" in their brains.
"The proposal involves energy generation from thermal heat treatment of waste, both anaerobically to produce syngas and aerobically (a type of incineration) to produce electricity.
Apo cultivar was aerobically grown without fertilizer inputs in both experiments.
I aerobically run to the bus stop, anaerobically carry 10kg of shopping strapped to my back off the bus and to my front door.
Damien Luxe's powerful and aerobically charged piece, aptly titled Exorcise, uses an intricate mix of "satire and spandex" nor just to entertain the audience--spectacularly--but to create a world where being physically strong isn't butch or masculine, it just is.
Furthermore, it has not been investigated in a relatively homogeneous sample of recreationally aerobically trained males and females.
The game against Bolton on Saturday was our third in a week, yet we covered more ground running-wise and aerobically than in the other games.
The reverse runners used significantly less oxygen, meaning they had become aerobically fitter and had lost an average of 2.5 per cent extra fat.
of Oklahoma) offer what he hopes is "one of the most authoritative books to date discussing the scientific application of nutrient timing." The papers offer a general overview of macronutrients and their role in sporting activities; discuss pre-exercise, during-exercise, and post-exercise considerations for both resistance and aerobically mediated activity of nutrients; and offer future-directed explorations of such topics as the impact of protein sources in the context of timing, the place of nutrient timing in a comprehensive recovery program, and application of nutrient timing to special populations such as the aged and the military.