cellular respiration

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the metabolic processes whereby certain organisms obtain energy from organic molecules

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We found that fornix DBS could significantly improve hippocampal glucose metabolism in aged mice by promoting cellular aerobic respiration activity.
20 causes a reduction of about 18% in aerobic respiration (Reipschlager and Portner, 1996) with a 40%-45% reduction at [pH.
Under this condition of normoxia, which was created for this study by suspending irrigation for three days after a similar period of waterlogging (IW), the roots had sufficient oxygen to maintain aerobic respiration (VOESENEK et al.
We examined whether the significant up-regulation of aerobic respiration machinery co-occurred with altered mitochondrial fission/fusion dynamics.
factors, as well as the many enzymes used in aerobic respiration, oxygen
Fermentation produces less ATP than aerobic respiration because it does not use the Krebs cycle and the ETC.
This level of oxygen ensures that aerobic respiration can occur at a rate to produce sufficient energy compounds (primarily ATP) necessary for life.
This property of SDH suggests a pivotal role for this enzyme in aerobic respiration.
Because of the high energy yield of aerobic respiration, most organic compounds can eventually be degraded by heterotrophic bacteria growing in oxygenated environments.
Aerobic respiration yields how many total ATP molecules per glucose molecule?
Some oxygen species are produced in keratinocytes by specific enzymes and aerobic respiration.
Once a stayer goes past this threshold, he switches to aerobic respiration, using oxygen to help to maintain his speed.
Breathing in oxygen is called aerobic respiration, and helps cells in your body convert the food you eat into a chemical called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).