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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Although Private, Commercial, and aerobatic maneuvers may at first seem unrelated, they all are derived from the fundamental spin, roll and loop.
Left, vapour trails, air pressure build up and vortices trail from a Tornado; top, a Hughes 300 aerobatic helicopter goes through its paces; top, Eurofighter Typhoon heads towards airpower of a different variety
Indeed a pilot's license may be a handicap, the experts say, because normal pilots spend most of their time avoiding the aerobatic tricks offered by flight schools such as Air Combat USA.
Significant fluctuations in G forces are not routinely experienced by most of the general population, but they are pushed to the limit by high-performance aerobatic pilots.
The Kia Cars Aerobatic Stunt Team, from Gloucestershire, has been formed after 18 months of testing and development.
IT will be high-flying stuntsmanship all the way up, down and around, when Italy's crack aerobatic display team, the Frecci Tricolori, fly their flag as the star attraction of the June 13 air show at RAF Cosford in June.
Like all stunt -- or aerobatic -- pilots, Malby flies for thrills.
In talking with insurance agents about insuring aerobatic aircraft we learned that the rates tend to be similar to insuring high-performance cars.
Undoubtedly one of the main attractions to the RAF Cosford Air Show - and any event in which they appear - the aerobatic team flying the breathtaking Red Arrows were again in fine form in front of thousands of spectators who watched in awe.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb 19 (ANI): An ace pilot of the Indian Air Force (IAF) was killed on Tuesday when two Hawk trainer jets of the Surya Kiran aerobatic team crashed mid-air while rehearsing for the Aero India show here.
Al Fursan aerobatic team perform at Abu Dhabi corniche on the occasion of UAE National Day.
The jets will be flown by Reparto Sperimentale Volo (the Italian Air Force Flight Test Wing), which is responsible for the study and evaluation of all ground and flight tests of aeronautical weapon systems, and the Italian Air Force aerobatic team Frecce Tricolori, the world's largest and most known acrobatics patrol, with their 10 aircraft performing together.
SPECTACULAR flying displays by air forces and aerobatic teams from around the world have been scheduled for next month's Bahrain International Airshow 2018 (BIAS).
Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, air show pilot Sean Tucker in his custom-built Oracle Challenger II biplane, aerobatic pilot Matt Chapmanm the John Klatt Airshows Jack Links' Screamin' Sasquatch Jet Waco Aerobatic Team, the GEICO Skytypers and their flight squadron of six vintage WWII aircraft and the American Airpower Museum Warbirds.