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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Aerobat officials visited Hernando County several times to test smaller, 6-foot-wide unmanned scale models of the aircraft.
The Aerobat ranked especially high because so many LOC accidents are low-energy, low-altitude stall events, so training in lower-powered aerobatic airplanes is valuable.
The Cessna Aerobat 152 had just taken off from Caernarfon airport when tragedy struck in low cloud.
5 iSDN Manager address books, file transfers from within Acrobat Aerobat 2, and a Quark Xpress XTension are also provided.
Unique to the mass-market trainer, Cessna offered two additional versions of both the 150 and 152--the Aerobat and a seaplane conversion, which appeared in 1968.
We took off from a cold, central Ohio airport in a Cessna 150 Aerobat and were flying along in the crisp, clear air when my instructor spotted a friend's Piper Dakota scooting along a couple of thousand feet below us.
However, my 150 is an Aerobat model, with an "A" in front of the 150 and a different serial number than what is covered in the AML.
With this progression, soon spins and even stalls may be solely the realm of the aerobat and the accident victim.
Waco Classic Aircraft, which builds the hulking Waco YMF-5, is pitching the Great Lakes as the perfect combination of sport aerobat and a trainer for upset recovery, which some pilot courses now require.
If you fly frequently and want an economical aerobat that will take you up through learning Unlimited aerobatics, an S-2B with a three-blade MT prop has proven to be the best bang for the buck.
Given the LSA market's tilt toward sport flying, FK (and Hansen) are figuring there will be some takers for an affordable aerobat that offers the promise of flying not limited to just the staid boring of holes in straight-and-level flight.