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Synonyms for eyrie

the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)

any habitation at a high altitude

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The purchase gives the local club a new aerie after they sold their previous property to the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation two years ago for $2.
Having no issues of that sort with the new property is a relief for Walton, who said the planning and design stage of the new aerie will be completed in March.
net, Clever will save Aeries customers C especially teachers and support staff C thousands of hours of data entry that could be better used for critical instructional time.
Schools signed up with Clever are now able to securely sync enrollment data from Aeries.
Importing the data from Aeries SIS to Performance Series saves time and resources by eliminating the need for teachers to manually enter student information," said Tim Loomer, president of the testing and assessment division at Scantron.
com/ ) is the developer of the Aeries Student Information System.
Aeries has been issued video lottery terminal manufacturer's licenses by the regulatory authorities of Montana, South Dakota and New Brunswick and has submitted the video lottery poker game to, and has obtained regulatory approval for such game in, New Brunswick.
Aeries has also received an order for 16 additional "demonstration" units for the video terminals and communications equipment for a multiple-location video game but has not yet built or shipped any of such units.
In addition, Aerie will introduce several opportunities for customers to help aid the cause, including inviting shoppers to donate to Bright Pink by rounding up their in-store purchase totals and offering a free gift of a bracelet with a donation of $5 or more.
We feel so fortunate to be teaming up with Aerie for the sixth year in a row.
com)-- Aerie Engineering has added a new feature to its AerieLib Document Management System.
Aerie Engineering is a responsive and flexible engineering services firm that offers a range of technical services that include Web-based Document Management Solutions, Knowledge and Management Solutions as well as an array of technical solutions including CAD Machine Design & Drafting, Technical Writing, Staffing and Project Management.
Aerie will offer a limited-edition Bright Pink Charley(TM) Bra with 100% of sales benefitting Bright Pink, as well as customer fundraising opportunities.
For the fourth consecutive year Aerie and Bright Pink will run an in-store and online campaign from September 18[sup.