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Synonyms for aerial

of or relating to air

imposingly high

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for aerial

a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

existing or living or growing or operating in the air

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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In addition to these vast quantities of unexploded ordnance, aerially delivered weapons systems such as cluster bombs are scattered over much of the country, especially in areas near oil fields.
The technological requirements of this show," Babb added, "heavily imposed by projecting ultra-high-resolution animation on a 360-degree screen, are massive especially in terms of rendering and seamlessly synching imagery from 12 projectors with live actors on stage and aerially, and we commend Bill for his vision, artistry and technological know-how in pushing our application into the 'cinematic theatrical' realm in such a dramatic way.
Manufacturing, formulating, distributing, or aerially applying specified agricultural chemicals (Sec.
Conversely, Vale Inco will aerially seed up to 150-hectares-per year.
While the impressive centre-half pairing of Clayon McDonald and Manny Smith were aerially dominant throughout, they were done on the ground by neat link-up play between Craig Curran and Shuker.
A community backlash has forced the US Border Patrol to drop a controversial plan to aerially spray the broad-spectrum herbicide imazapyr along a stretch of the Rio Grande as part of a program to clear vegetation along the increasingly militarized frontier.
The Potters pose a threat aerially and we will have to ensure we cope with that tomorrow.
The firework effects are fantastic and they would look best when you look down at them aerially.
Their ability to contest the ball aerially is exceptional.
The whole event would be inspected aerially whereas three checkpoints have been installed on the way to Red Zone.
The route of the procession will be monitored aerially by the police with the help of drones.
Jackson Irvine 7 Covered a lot of turf and got torn into his tackles but beaten aerially for goal.
Bordeaux will attack them aerially and they could have done with the experienced Perrin organising the back four, but the former Arsenal target is out for a fortnight.
Root was less convincing initially, and needed a little more fortune - notably on seven when he chipped aerially to a cunningly deployed square leg but was reprieved by third umpire Rod Tucker, who concluded the ball had not quite carried to Corey Anderson off Boult.
Three balls later he threw caution to the wind, lashing Anderson (pictured right) aerially between extra cover and mid off.