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an acrobat who performs in the air (as on a rope or trapeze)

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Aerial dance looks very pretty and it's a lot of fun," says studio owner and longtime aerialist Kimberly Sende.
A pair on a rope left us with hearts in mouths as they plummeted to the ground, a performer in a hoop defied the laws of gravity and an aerialist combined balletic grace and brute force to pull off a stunt with an ironing board that left us all steamed up.
A pair of zombie bride aerialists were simply stunning in their skill and artistry but the real star of the show was a lot more down and dirty.
Held as part of the 17th edition of the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), the show drove the entertainment line-up at the mall to new heights as three accomplished aerialists, Valeria Baiojacheva, Mario Mira and Tatiana Ruzova, took to a height of almost 12 metres during the show.
The World Concert, an original blend of diverse musicians, aerialists and dancers, is produced by Trails and Vistas, a Truckee, CA-based nonprofit organization dedicated to producing inspiring art events in nature, in collaboration with the Truckee Tahoe Peace Project.
Led by Noah Mickens and Nick "The Creature" Harbar, the show includes acrobats, aerialists, stilt dancers and more.
Acropolis, with an acrobatic gymnastic performance choreographed to Adele's 'Set fire to the rain', competed against dancers, tap artists, fire eaters, Chinese pole acrobats, jugglers and circus aerialists to reach the final scoring 17.
Acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, flame throwers and aerialists will entertain guests.
However, I''m not sure serving alcoholic fruit salad to aerialists is such a good idea.
Aerialists, hand-balancers and magicians twist the frontiers of reality in a show that challenges the preconceptions of circus.
Joining ringmaster Barrett will be a collection of acts which include the Havana Troupe of flying Cuban acrobats, aerialists from Great Britain and the USA, as well as their famous Ukrainian strong-man Hercules - who will allow a car to drive over him during the show.
Oh, yeah, the family biz thing: Dolly, of course, is one of the most famous aerialists of all time, co-founder of Circus Sarasota, and daughter of Lou Jacobs, himself perhaps the most famous clown of all time.
The show- Michael Jackson ONE, which will be premiered on June 29 at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay, will be of 90 minutes duration and will feature more than 60 dancers and aerialists performing to Jackson's best known music, People magazine reported.
Among their topics are the flight identification of raptors from the shotgun to the sublime, falcons: birds that measure distance by the horizon, big black eagles and vultures, aerialists and specialists of Florida, and other birds that soar.
More than 240 international circus artists including aerialists, high wire trapeze artists, hula hoopers, jugglers and stilt acrobats performed at the event.