aerial tramway

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a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

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And the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a cable car that takes you 8,516ft up to the Mount San Jacinto State Park, where the temperature plunges.
PARyS (CyHAN)- French President Francois Hollande will take part in the presentation of the new aerial tramway in Chiatura (city of miners in the western Georgia) to be held on May 13,Deputy Administration Head of the city, Valery Kapanadze told journalists.
Initially, we heard rumors that Cannon's historic, 5,139-foot aerial tramway was closed due to wind, but it was not so.
It is the longest reversible aerial tramway built in one section only.
that encourages various types of exposure therapy, including riding a Ferris wheel, the Empire State Building's SkyRide attraction, or the aerial tramway over the East River from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.
Teixman is also a journeyman ironworker, crane and heavy equipment operator and is well versed in aerial tramway construction and maintenance.
Wyler Aerial Tramway in El Paso, which is part of the park system, will now operate three days per week (plus holidays), instead of five, after losing the equivalent of a handful of full-time staff.
Other little persons are getting out of the aerial tramway in the ski station on the cake.
But in the high country of Whitman County, a resourceful approach teamed a McCormick header pushed by eight mules, a threshing machine powered by a Holt Model 45 Caterpillar tractor and a nearly one-mile long aerial tramway to deliver sacks of grain to a terminal on the Snake River in a canyon 1,700 feet below.
Armenia Armenia on Saturday opened a U13-million aerial tramway that it claims is the world's longest, beating out a rival in New Mexico.
Public access to the entire campus is increased significantly by integrating the arrival point for the aerial tramway that brings staff students, patients and community members to the top of the hill from the Willamette riverfront miles below.
The resort celebrates the 30th year of the Meije Glaciers Aerial Tramway, its only lift, with the launch of a fidelity card offering discounts on lift passes and goodies in the cable car shop.
Why, there even will be an aerial tramway that will whiz workers and materials from land to sea.
Quite a big place with an aerial tramway kind of way to pay ( the money going overhead on a wire to the cashier who sat in state, way above.