aerial ladder truck

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a fire engine carrying ladders

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The 40-year-old aerial ladder truck, known as Scope 1, had been in and out of service with frequent repairs and no longer met safety standards.
A new Sutphen 100-foot aerial ladder truck was selected from the state's approved bid list.
The department officials have revealed that the money, allocated to procure a new aerial ladder truck, will facilitate in the enhancement of the responsiveness during emergency situations and save precious lives.
While the cost of an aerial ladder truck typically starts at about $700,000, the Fire Department has been quoted a $1.
Other equipment the fire station is in need of includes a breathing air-filling station and compressor ($75,000), an aerial ladder truck ($1 million) and an emergency back-up generator ($50,000).
DUDLEY - In less time than it took to set up extra chairs in the selectmen's meeting room, 111 town meeting voters Thursday unanimously approved borrowing $725,000 to buy a new aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department.
As a result, a new aerial ladder truck and a new engine tanker would be delivered around this time next year.
DUDLEY - Voters at a special town meeting Thursday will be asked to authorize the borrowing of $725,000 for the aerial ladder truck approved in November.
Th e vehicle being replaced is a 1999 Pierce Arrow aerial ladder truck with 74,001 miles on the odometer as of 12/07/2011.
DUDLEY - Voters yesterday approved a $725,000 Proposition 2-1/2 debt exclusion to buy a new aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department and shot down a $500,000 override to fund municipal expenses.
During the Vestavia Hills City Council meeting, a Pierce Saber Fire Engine and a Pierce Velocity 100 foot Aerial Ladder Truck will be showcased to the community at a ceremony on August 11.
Question 4 on the Dudley ballot also seeks voter approval to borrow and exclude $725,000 from the limits of Proposition 2-1/2 to replace the Fire Department's 32-year-old aerial ladder truck.
A quint is an aerial ladder truck that also has a pump, but we only need the aerial device
The fate of a $725,000 aerial ladder truck is now in the hands of Dudley voters, who will be asked to temporarily pay more taxes to buy it.
The man, whom police have not identified, crashed his vehicle into the aerial ladder truck and an outrigger truck, damaging both.
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