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The fire was extinguished by two jets and two hose reels as well as a hose reel from the aerial ladder platform.
A fire service spokesman said: "An aerial ladder platform was used to rescue a boy and his grandmother from the Ferris wheel at Clarence Pier when the attraction stopped working.
Elbambo said a rope safety or high angle rescue, also known as rappelling, was necessary in the event that no aerial ladder would be available.
Firefighters use the aerial ladder platform above the roof
More than 20 firefighters, using four pumps and an aerial ladder, battled the blaze for two hours on Sunday.
DUDLEY -- The fire department's new $725,000 aerial ladder truck has arrived, lettered with a memoriam to a man who served the town for more than 35 years: Chief Jeffrey E.
Crews also attended with an aerial ladder platform.
Six fire engines and an aerial ladder platform tackled the blaze while North Wales Police blocked off Fourth Avenue.
Twenty firefighters with breathing apparatus entered the burning building to stem flames on the first floor while an aerial ladder platform was deployed to reach the fire in the roof.
Hampshire Fire and Rescue said five pumps and an aerial ladder were at the scene, between dock gates 10 and 20.
Three aerial ladder platforms were used to tackle the blaze.
Firefighters used a water jet on the flames from an aerial ladder platform, but had to be withdrawn when it appeared the building was in danger of collapsing.
Police, ambulance and fire crews all raced to the scene, and an aerial ladder from Barrow-in-Furness was brought in to reach her.
Leonard Williams, CPA once again featured his 1940 Seagrave 85-foot tractor/trailer aerial ladder truck in the San Francisco Peninsula leg of this year's Burn Relay.
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