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an apparatus for exposing something to the air (as sewage)

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The aerator design enables microorganisms to survive and to attack and break down suspended solids in the effluent.
Following the success and numerous accolades achieved by its red wine counterpart, the Vinturi White Wine Aerator proves what was once dismissed - the need to aerate white wines - and confirms that proper aeration will similarly enhance the white wine experience.
necessary to remove 12 existing and furnish and install 12 new hypolimnetic aerator units or approved
Southern Green's Deep-Tine Aerators Expand Toro's Popular Line of ProCore[R] Aeration Equipment
With the stainless steel band and the seamless exterior design, the TWIST Adjustable Wine Aerator is as functional as it is beautiful.
The faucet aerator that came with the showerhead saves us a lot of water too.
9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Brookstone, the multichannel specialty retailer and product development company, introduced the Aero (TM) Full Bottle Wine Aerator, another innovation from the Brookstone Laboratory Design Team.
In addition to the showerhead and aerator, participants also will receive information on other easy energy- and water-saving steps, such as:
AMTC's patent pending FixedFlo(TM) mechanism is designed to flow at its rated gallons per minute regardless of variations in water pressure or aerator utilized.
The PerformAire[TM] 60 and the PerformAire[TM] 80, two new additions to the company's aerator line, offer the flexibility to vent or aerate large areas of turf in a very short amount of time.
Request for Proposal: Nrwwtp surface aerator equipment replacement
In addition, the three-part Stealth System also features a high-efficiency, high power showerhead with three unique flow options and an aerator, resulting in an unrivaled product combination that can save a homeowner up to 40,000 gallons of water per year and up to $600 off their utility and water bills(1).
Alternatively, decompaction may be achieved through aeration of the soil, whether with a gas-powered aerator - which is available at rental yards - or, for small areas, with a two-pronged aerator that may be purchased at hardware stores for around $15.
The 'EZ Water Saver Kit' replaces three simple parts in the bathroom -- the showerhead, toilet flapper, and faucet aerator.
Environmentally conscious homeowners and builders will appreciate the water saving aerator offered on the Rothbury bathroom faucets -- Moen's first collection to have this feature.