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the process of exposing to air (so as to purify)

the act of charging a liquid with a gas making it effervescent

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Casada has developed novel recommendations that prevent moisture and fungal issues during shipment of bulk peanuts and potatoes and has led research on grain aeration management practices, monitoring methods, and system requirements to account for the effects of humid air on the aeration of wheat, which has determined the engineering design and management requirements for effective use of aeration.
1991) and NAVARRO & NOYES (2001), aeration is the movement of air through the stored grain mass, thereby maintaining temperatures and water content at safe and homogenous levels, seeking to reduce the activity of insect/pests and fungi, and preventing moisture migration, reducing the rate of deterioration and losses during storage.
Das, Jena, Mishra, and Pati (2012), Pawar, Jena, Das, and Bhatnagar (2009) and Pawar, Jena, and Das (2014) showed that the use of overnight water aeration significantly improved the growth and survival of the farmed animals in high density tanks.
The licensing deal provides Sulzer with global rights to incorporate the Blade Compressor design into aeration equipment for the treatment of wastewater.
Their strong nylon support fibers are spaced perfectly to offer ultimate support—if cells are placed too far apart, the insole will buckle under the weight of its wearer—too many cells and aeration will be compromised.
In order to learn more about the difference between aeration and conventionally filled green sand molds, a modified cone jolt test was used to study mold samples from each molding technique.
Our aeration system pushes air through the compost piles and into a biofilter on a constant basis, actively filtering and eliminating odors.
In Kansas and other south-central states, aeration is also used to manage insects in stored wheat.
Whilst conducting biochemical reactions, the significant influencing of measured values was discovered by aeration and stirring.
This aeration system combines coarse and fine bubble aeration components to improve mixing and oxygen transfer while preventing backflow and clogging.
LAWN AERATION DEVICES attach to the back tires of lawn mowers to provide aeration to the lawn and soil as consumers mow.
Aeration of your lawn is making holes in your lawn to bring in fresh oxygen and to stop compacting.
Knowlton and Hirsan (1978) established that the best position for the injection of the aeration gas is in the vertical leg (sometimes called the downcorner or standpipe) about 1.
Aeration is an essential part of almost all wastewater treatment systems and is usually the major energy consuming unit process.