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the process of exposing to air (so as to purify)

the act of charging a liquid with a gas making it effervescent

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Asked if the rice is safe for consumption after it was treated, Doblon said, 'It is safe and not harmful to human beings because aeration has been done.'
The aeration rate in composter was maintained at 0.05 [m.sup.3.sub.air]/[m.sup.3.sub.reactor] x min, and intermittent aeration was performed with the aeration and pause duration of 40 and 20 min in every hour, respectively.
Casada has developed novel recommendations that prevent moisture and fungal issues during shipment of bulk peanuts and potatoes and has led research on grain aeration management practices, monitoring methods, and system requirements to account for the effects of humid air on the aeration of wheat, which has determined the engineering design and management requirements for effective use of aeration.
As shown in Figure 1, the device of ATAD consists of a mixing system, an aeration system, and a thermometer.
In the CANON process, the continuous aeration mode was applied more often than the intermittent aeration mode.
For CLOUD & MOREY (1979.1991) and NAVARRO & NOYES (2001), aeration is the movement of air through the stored grain mass, thereby maintaining temperatures and water content at safe and homogenous levels, seeking to reduce the activity of insect/pests and fungi, and preventing moisture migration, reducing the rate of deterioration and losses during storage.
In these systems, the mechanical aeration of water is indispensable for maintaining adequate concentrations of dissolved oxygen in water.
Canadian agricultural soil preparation equipment maker Salford Group has acquired the AerWay advanced aeration products line from SAF-Holland Canada Ltd., the company said.
The deal signed with Sulzer, a global leader in pumping equipment with 21 manufacturing facilities worldwide, will see aeration equipment incorporating the British technology sold across 150 countries.
The system's control tower features an array of measurement and control functions, like easy-load peristaltic pumps, an aeration module and conveniently accessible probe ports and supply connections.
MeshPro Insoles are a uniquely machined made-in-Japan top quality product that offers the most efficient aeration possible.
For biological treatment to be effective, the waste water needs to be effectively aerated, MAPAL GREEN ENERGY says it has the solution with its Floating Fine Bubble Aeration technology.
On the molding technology side of green sand mold control, a new aeration filling method has been introduced as a better way to achieve complete sand filling and uniformly dense sand molds.