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the process of exposing to air (so as to purify)

the act of charging a liquid with a gas making it effervescent

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The Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Lipetsk Aeration Station" is using the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development the Bank for a project to reconstruct and rehabilitate Line 2 of the Lipetsk Wastewater Treatment Plant with a design flow of 221.
Most municipalities use aeration for efficient bacterial digestion and modern wastewater treatment plants have no odor problems to speak of.
The licensing deal provides Sulzer with global rights to incorporate the Blade Compressor design into aeration equipment for the treatment of wastewater.
Their strong nylon support fibers are spaced perfectly to offer ultimate support—if cells are placed too far apart, the insole will buckle under the weight of its wearer—too many cells and aeration will be compromised.
After the aeration, the Tenax[R] adsorbent was removed from the outlet tube of the apparatus and the volatile compounds that had been trapped were eluted with HPLC grade n-hexane (3 mL; Aldrich).
In order to learn more about the difference between aeration and conventionally filled green sand molds, a modified cone jolt test was used to study mold samples from each molding technique.
The Pico-Mix is a fully automatic laboratory foam generator that provides reproducible results for product requirements such as aeration level, product density, throughput, etc.
com), Global Wastewater Aeration Systems Market , finds that the market earned revenues of $4.
The line consists of premixers, buffer tanks, aeration systems, tempering devices and dry ingredients mixers, as well as a depositor and inclusive cleaning system.
To find out, they used bins located at the ARS center to compare "pressure aeration"--which uses fans to push ambient air from the bottom of grain storage bins upwards, and "suction aeration," which involves reversing the fans to pull air from the top downward.
The first stage aeration system is designed with a food to micro organisms ratio of 0.
Whilst conducting biochemical reactions, the significant influencing of measured values was discovered by aeration and stirring.
Aeration of your lawn is making holes in your lawn to bring in fresh oxygen and to stop compacting.
Knowlton and Hirsan (1978) established that the best position for the injection of the aeration gas is in the vertical leg (sometimes called the downcorner or standpipe) about 1.
Whether it is a small pool with a few ornamental fish in it or a large pond with varied uses, all ponds can benefit from aeration.