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(of a liquid) treated by having air passed or bubbled through it for purification

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supplied with carbon dioxide


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and a heavy duty sewage pump to power the aeration manifold and circulate the aerated water.
However, these incentives would not be available to certain sectors namely arms and ammunition, explosives, fertilizers, sugar, cigarettes, aerated beverages, cement, textile spinning units, flour mills, vegetable, ghee and cooking oil manufacturers, as these sectors either already have excess capacity or are anti-social.
In January 2012, the court had directed the Centre to come out with detailed guidelines for regulating sale of junk food and aerated drinks in and around schools.
According to the report, in a bid to promote a healthy lifestyle and battle with health disorders like obesity arising out of aerated and sugary drinks, the decision of Coca- Cola to introduce alternative zero calorie drinks and provide a more transparent calorie count on its labels, is welcome step.
Release aerated beet curd from molds and break into pieces in large bowl.
Jens Thierfelder is the new head of sales and marketing at Xella Bulgaria, which makes Ytong brand aerated concrete blocks.
When the aerated lung compartment is relatively small, calculated values for compliance will be low and those for the resistance will be high.
Fork, brush and aerate the lawn frequently, filling aerated holes with sharp sand, if weather permits.
An investigation found that some of the beer was smuggled into the country by trawler while the rest had been illegally stashed in containers said to hold only assorted aerated beverages.
Blissful's greens have shown no ill effects and they're not bumpy in September like other clubs' aerated greens.
During the year the companyCOs aerated concrete business remained flat and was able to earn KD13.
They include small pieces of aerated chocolate, two-colour chocolate drops and a variety of decorative shapes made from chocolate.
Pneumosinus dilatans refers to an abnormally large aerated sinus; two other characteristic features of this disease are that the bony walls of the sinus are of normal thickness and there is no evidence of erosion.
The debris that was on the top is now on the bottom and the whole stack is mixed and aerated.
Fitting onto existing showerheads, the Aerated Showerhead fills the outpouring water with bubbles of air, increasing the volume yet reducing the actual amount of water used.