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A new study led by James Hansford reveals Aepyornis titan was after all a distinct species.
Its petrified eggs still fetch large sums at auction, and it stars in Wells' 1895 work "Aepyornis Island" alongside a pugnacious mercenary named Butcher who improbably ends up living with -- and eventually killing -- one of the creatures.
Hammond sees 'Aepyornis Island' as a reworking of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, connected to late Victorian anxieties over race (the treatment of native helpers).
More heavy-handed was Madagascar, 2002, a rendering of an elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) bound with rope being led down a sand dune toward a "tall" ship anchored in a shallow harbor.
Likewise, the descendants of many species that arrived by flying eventually lose their ability to fly, such as the now-extinct moas (Dinornis) and the kiwis (Apteryx) of New Zealand and the elephant bird (Aepyornis) of Madagascar.
Madagascar's Aepyornis Maximus, extinct in the 16th century, was once the largest bird in the world.