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of or relating to a geological eon (longer than an era)


continuing forever or indefinitely

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Stelios Tzannis, Aeonian's president & chief executive officer, said, 'The closing of this financing will allow us to accelerate clinical development of our lead programs.
the aeonian order (to be followed by the historical birth and death of
"aeonian" Incarnation, gathered through encounters with
So word by word, and line by line, The dead man touched me from the past, And all at once it seemed at last The living soul was flashed on mine, And mine in this was wound, and whirled About empyreal heights of thought, And came on that which is, and caught The deep pulsations of the world, Aeonian music measuring out The steps of Time--the shocks of Chance--The blows of Death.
The utopian plan involves a social transcendence towards a Platonic plane of purer exchange in music and communal arcadia, which existed in the imagined past, and will exist again in an imagined future: "It is said that at some time in our aeonian past our speech was song only when we lived in a universe of sound and music; and I think that thought is true." O'Grady's notion is similar in mystical tenor to AE's The Avatars, another of the Irish Revival's signal utopian texts, with its futuristic design of paradise regained through natural communion.
During aeonian stretches of oppressive silence, interspersed with "All of our customer service representatives are currently ...
Such colossal aeonian alterations in the world's climate are not the only ones.
human history--disguising, as necrophilia 'does lifelessness, our aeonian
Biopharmaceutical company Aeonian Pharmaceuticals Inc disclosed on Monday the completion of a seed financing round.
Under the terms of the investment agreement, James Peyer, managing partner of Apollo Ventures, has been elected to Aeonian's board of directors.
Here Comes the Sun (Aeonian) by Emilie Baker Loring After spending the night in a cabin (a disappointingly uncompromising night), two feline haters are discovered by the hero's political rival
Subsidiaries: Eyak Development Corporation, Eyak Services LLC, Eyak Resources LLC, Cordova Central LLC, NorthTide Group LLC, Orca International Management LLC, Eyak Technology LLC, The aEonian Group LLC
(XCV.35-40) Astounded by the vibrant conjunction of past and present, the speaker finally alights on "that which is," daring to recognize motion of and in time: "Aeonian music measuring out/The steps of Time--the shocks of Chance--/The blows of Death" (ll.