aeolian harp

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a harp having strings tuned in unison

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A strange roseate light shone through the spaces among their trunks and the wind made in their branches the music of AEolian harps.
An Aeolian harp has its strings tuned to make a sound when what passes over them?
Aeolian Harp, historic work redesigned for site, 2013
Essays discuss national songs published without music, Shelley and Coleridge's depictions of the Aeolian harp, poetry by Blake, George Eliot, Tennyson, Christina and D.
Not far from Alexanderplatz, the ruins of a Franciscan church bombarded in 1945 became the setting for a Gregorian sound sculpture by Hannover artist Hans Gierschik (Monk's Matrix, 1996), while the tower of the parish church nearby housed Gordon Monahan's Aeolian harp, Spontaneously Harmonious in Certain Kinds of Weather, 1996.
Each treehouse design is unique--a magic rocket ship designed by a seven-year old, an inspirational feng-shui garden, a whimsical flower fort, a bamboo pavilion with movable walls, a pinwheel windcatcher, a recycled and re-born retreat, a humming Aeolian harp, a Greek sandbox and a treehouse illuminated by LED lights powered by solar panels.