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a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)

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Soviet submarines and ships were heading for the conflict, they reported - shades of the Cuban Crisis - but no Russkies, and nothing much happening, until the frigate HMS Apollo collided with the Icelandic coastguard vessel Aegir, causing the only fatality of the war - the Aegir's engineer died.
McDermott will work with Heerema Marine Contractors for transportation and installation of a portion of the offshore scope, using Heerema's new-build vessel Aegir.
The two new ships, Viking Embla and Viking Aegir, will debut in July and August 2012, respectively.
The 120ft Aegir landed in Galway docks in February that year after it ran into severe storms.
1972 was really what created this humanitarian effort to get him out of detention,'' Icelandic Ambassador to Japan Thordur Aegir Oskarsson said.
AEGIN gaine AEGIR aegir AEGIS aegis AEGIT Getai AEGNR anger AEGNS geans AEGNT agent AEGRS rages AEGRT great AEGST stage AEINR reina AEINS anise AEINT entia AEIRS arise AEIRT irate AEIST iteas AENRS snare AENRT antre AENST antes AERST stare AGINR grain AGINS gains AGINT giant AGIRS fairs AGIRT tragic AGIST agist AGNRS grans AGNRT grant AGNST gnats AGRST strag (3) AINRS rains AINRT train AINST stain AIRST stair ANRST rants EGINR reign EGINS singe EGINT tinge EGIRS grise EGIRT tiger EGIST tiges EGNRS grens (5) EGNRT grent (5) EGNST gents EGRST grets (4) EINRS siren EINRT inert EINST inset EIRST tries ENRST stem GINRS rings GINRT grint (5) GINST sting GIRST grist GNRST INRST shirt
I think success is about perseverance and tenacity - it's really that simple,'' said Williams, now the 57-year-old founding CEO and president of Aegir Systems.
High tension J-Lay vessels, provided by Heerema through their installation vessels Aegir (under construction) and Balder,