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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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Stefansson (1929:171) inferred from numerous pieces of adzed driftwood along a beach on the mainland shore in Copper Inuit territory that they "...
All wood used was "milled" (split and adzed?) from round driftwood logs as much as 16-20 cm in diameter (runner widths) into reasonably equi-dimensional sizes and similar shapes.
For all the world it looks to have been made from wood, the stippling on the seat looking like the adzed marks on timber.
A deal was struck and the building, with its 30 cm (12 in) square adzed logs, is still at the core of Johnston's and McKeachie's lives.
DIVINE TRINITY: The adzed top surface is the remarkable feature of this mid 20thcentury nest of three tables in oak, by "Mouseman" Thompson.