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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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so they need to know their voice makes a difference," said Sharp Adze.
Carcass work for the construction of a nursing home and a home housing (72 beds) street of the adze BOUILLY (10320)
From a Kwermin perspective, the Menumin are the lowland terminal node of a north-south trade route with a highland endpost in Duranmin (Figure 2), whence most adze blades were thought to come.
And the showdown between him and Georgian left-hander Irakli Lab adze produced the best tennis of the tournament.
The timber was cut by saw, of course, but a young carpenter in the late Victorian era made his name by using the adze, a mediaeval tool to smoothe planks.
I finally procured an old adze head, but I think the angle of the sharpened edge must be wrong.
Flakes of schist and slate were common, probably as waste from stone adze use and maintenance.
Of particular relevance to this study, Akerman and Bindon (1984) describe a number of metal counterparts to stone adze forms used in this region.
abed abut adze azon bade balk balm bars bast bats beat bona bras chid daze done dope duct duet efts faze fest lets hide hied hist hits hong hopi join lamb meld mend nimh node nots onyx oped opts polk post pots pout pros reds refs rust ruts serf shit shri sith snot sorn spot stab stop Styx tabs tabu teds this thug tons tops tuba unto vugh xyst
On interaction between Tahiti and Hawai'i, an adze of Hawaiian basalt found in the Tuamotus is hailed twice as "incontrovertible evidence" of two-way voyaging (pp.
those with a stone adze or axe, were eating more meat or dairy products (Zvelebil & Pettitt 2008: 209).
230]Ur dates from shrines found at the summit of Mauna Kea show clear evidence of use from the beginning of the fourteenth century (1398 [+ or -] 13) and were probably concurrent with the first large-scale use of what would become the region's largest adze quarry (McCoy et al.
Other grave offerings included the teeth of rhinoceros and deer, a stone adze, a fishhook and the stones used to burnish pottery vessels.