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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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This paper reconstructs the reduction sequences for key bowhead bone technologies associated with sled shoes, mattock blades, adze sockets, picks, and harpoon heads, largely on the basis of archaeological materials recovered from the McKinley Bay site, Northwest Territories.
I have pondered the significance of finding stone adze blades from South Island sources in close proximity to two of the major early northern North Island manufacturing centres, and of finding a small and scruffy collection of obsidian flakes from almost every known New Zealand source on a briefly occupied late prehistoric site in the Auckland area.
If you want to create buildings, the tools you will need include a peavey to move the logs, a draw knife, a gimlet, (a big hand drill), wedges and sledge (the heaviest you can handle), a heavy logging chain and an adze. The best brand is Collins.
"The pick has a serrated edge and the adze has a curved blade.
The court heard that the adze blade is nine centimetres long and, given Anthony's injury, this meant it was buried in his skull as far as it would go, said Mr Davison.
Mainly I use the felling axe, snedding axe, side axe, saws, billhooks, slasher, froe or riving axe, adze and a drawknife.
A second man smiles and describes the stone strips, or flakes, that he's pounding from a blade as "peeling off like sweet potato skin." A third experienced adze maker talks excitedly of wanting to slice flakes off "every stone in the river."
After the opening tableau, the concentration on the first three brothers is signaled by the sound of the adze: "Chuck.
16 and 12 respectively when Adze beats Gold Claim (Verly Bewicke/John Reid) in the one-mile-three-furlongs event.
Without steel tools the Caribs felled a tree by firing its roots, then hollowed it out by laying live coals on it and scraping out the charcoal with stone adze. Appropriate carvings on the stem and stern finished off what was the Caribs' most valued possession and their culture's highest expression.
An adze accompanied by a spearhead of flint and a stone pick-axe was found on the shore of a very small island in one of the lakes in central Karelia (Zhul'nikov 2005, 84 f.).
The suspect was already under suspension after he was caught in Mandria, near the Paphos airport, wearing a mask and wielding an adze,some 20 days ago.
These flakes were the product of removal from a flaked core rather than being a random by-product of adze manufacture.