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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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He believes that ADZs, which originate In the United States, could provide a much-needed funding device to stimulate regeneration.
ADZ financing would go a long way to eliminate any need for local authorities to exercise a new power they are expected to receive, which will allow them to raise a business rate supplement from existing businesses.
You can call them Paul, Adz, Andy and Chris Relative, " explains the record man who arrives with them.
Bridget Blow, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry's new president, recognises that a substantial lobbying exercise will be required to convince Ministers of the value of ADZs.
Western Star trucks already are constructed with the strongest components that withstand the harshest environments, making the new ADZ Series suspensions an ideal match for our trucks, said Ann Demitruk, director of marketing for Western Star.
If ministers refuse permission for an ADZ, they must make clear how else Birmingham and the West Midlands can acquire the necessary funding.
In the North East we are working closely with Newcastle City Council, assisting them to consider new funding approaches and supporting their ambition to be one of the first ADZ pilots.
She said businesses would be far more likely to support ADZs than the Government's preferred option of raising extra money for regeneration through allowing councils to levy supplementary business rates.
The proposition has gained widespread political support and it is hoped that ADZ pilots might be approved in the coming months.
This could include ringfencing of new business rates revenues within the ADZ and ability for local authorities to specifically attribute business rate supplement revenue to the ADZ.
With many large-scale developments now mixed-use and with the leisure element often part of a well-defined leisure circuit, residents and office workers, for example, could suddenly find that they live and work in an area of Newcastle branded an ADZ.
Pc Adz Ali, who runs the cadet unit, said they decided to help out after spotting a Facebook post on a group called Sale M33 complaining about the amount of litter around Baguley Lane.
Tenders are invited for Printed Circuit Board Adz 2 To Knorr Bremse Part No.
7 million from approximately 200 investors residing in several states in an unregistered offering of the securities of his company, Adz on Wheelz.
The FD4000's SAF-Holland ADZ Vocational air drive rear tandem suspension reduces overall truck weight and, building on the AD series, combines advanced designs and technologies with proven testing procedures.