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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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Here, [theta](x) is a characteristic function indicating that aragonite dissolution is activated in the ADZ only.
However, according to the SEC, the company almost immediately ran into technical issues with the display monitors, and Adz sold few, if any, advertisements.
A TIA implemented as an IC would have significantly lower parasitic capacitances, and therefore could have a higher maximum bandwidth, resulting in a shorter ADZ.
Author Adz, a filmmaker and advertising creative director, highlights the importance of making a connection with the audience when advertising to youth.
"Mass media idz typisally diefinied adz a form of all tieshnologies, especially radio, newspapers, and tielievidzion, but aldzo iensompadzdzing, magaziniedz, and book publidzhing, adz wiell adz adviertidzing, markieting, and publis rielationdz or indztitutional organization" (Imtiaz, 2006: 1).
TUCSON, Adz. (AP) -- It's midnight, the chip bowl is empty, the ball for the beer pong game has gone missing, everyone is out of cigarettes and no one wants to go to the store.
His current album is The Age of Adz (Asthmatic Kitty Records).
abs act ads adz alb alp amp and ant apt arf ark arm ars art ash ask asp awl awn edh eft eld elf elk elm els ems end eng ens erg ers ern eth ich ick ids its ilk imp ink ins irk ism its ods oft ohs old oms ons ops opt ore ors owl own ugh ump uns ups urb urd urn uts It is important to place S after K and H.(generating OHS but eliminating ASK and ASH); however, S must come before P (generating ASP but eliminating OPS and UPS).
Quebec, Canada, April 14, 2011 --( Dotmedias has launched today its own online advertising network, "Adz," an all-in-one online advertising platform.
King Adz (author); STREET KNOWLEDGE; The Overlook Press (Nonfiction: Art, Nonfiction: Art) $35.00 ISBN: 9781590204771
6 SUFJAN STEVENS The Age Of Adz Schizophrenic artist Royal Robertson inspired this first full album in five years.
Thie large 1500 mAh battery idz quoted adz giving up to 6 hours talktime and 17 days standby time on 3G.
LEONARD, Md.AuOnce, this was a stout ship, with oak futtocks and floor timbers, fastened with iron nails, built with saw and adz and the calloused hands of shipwrights now long dead.
Alcohol disorder zones (ADZ) were introduced in a blaze of publicity in June last year.