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Synonyms for adynamic

characterized by an absence of force or forcefulness


lacking strength or vigor

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Amongst all the dynamic or adynamic causes, postoperative adhesions stand as the most important cause.
Since adynamic bone disease may occur after bisphosphonate exposure,[51] improvement of BMD is impossible to translate into improved bone histology.
For pregnant woman with severe constipation and undergoing C-section, certain measures can be done preop and intra-op to prevent or reduce the occurrence of adynamic ileus (see Table 2) [7].
(2) Adynamic bone disease (ABD), characterized by low or absent bone formation and resorption, is a common finding in early CKD and especially in predialysis CKD patients with diabetes [13,14].
(4) For example, in a patient with a poor voice following laryngeal surgery and a "normal looking larynx," stroboscopic light reveals adynamic segments that explain the problem even to an untrained observer (such as the patient).
Wine and olive oil farming remains adynamic business inSouth Africa, with anabundance of grapeand olive production catering for both thelocal and global markets.
The information generated from the key informant healers show similarities of reported traditional use of the plant in the treatment of a variety of health issues ranging from snake bites [9, 10] and stomach troubles [10], Gastralgia and adynamic conditions of digestive system [11], infected eyes [12, Diarrhea, stomach pains [9], Gastralgia [13], Anti-tuberculosis [14], Swollen limbs and skin diseases [14], Swollen limbs and skin diseases [10] and as Hematophagous insect repellents [15].
Excluding adynamic bone disease, osteomalacia, and hyperparathyroid renal bone disease is critical to make appropriate treatment decisions.
Studies of bone histomorphology in renal transplant patients have shown surprisingly high prevalence of adynamic bone disease (low-bone turnover) despite hypercalcemia and hyperparathyroidism [14].
Precordium was mildly tender, point of maximal impulse was adynamic and nondisplaced, and there was no palpable ventricular heave.
She was in cardiogenic shock, conscious, adynamic, with difficulties in communication, hypotensive, with normal heart rhythm.
reported that, in mice with adynamic bone disease, vitamin D analogues restored osteoblast activity, increased the osteoid volume, and reduced intravascular calcium accumulation [91].
In casual and social interaction the most usualtransmittable source is the facial expression of the humans.Computer-based facial expression extraction for identification and prediction analysis has been adynamic topic in the community of the research over two decades (Valstaret al., 2005).