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lack of strength or vigor (especially from illness)

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Es la existencia autonoma de esta, o impotencia (adynamia), no como incapacidad sino, todo lo contrario, como capacidad de no pasar al acto la que explica y aclara la logica de la soberania:
She also experienced adynamia, fatigue, myalgias and slight depression.
Challenging behaviors after acquired brain impainnent have been defined as spanning verbal or physical aggression, sexually inappropriate behavior, wandering/absconding, perseveration (repetitive behaviors), socially inappropriate behavior (including illegal behaviors, noncompliant behaviors), and adynamia (lack of initiation; Sabaz et al., 2014).
Treatment, according to that expressed by the participants, also represented difficulties like economic limitations to attend the supervised treatment, symptoms of asthenia and adynamia that complicated displacement to health services, and their strict schedules.
Hypotonia, optic atrophy, adynamia, developmental regression and abnormal movements such as tremors or myoclonus are other hallmarks of the disease.
"if potentiality is to have its own consistency and not always disappear immediately into actuality, it is necessary that potentiality be able not to pass over into actuality, that potentiality consitutively be the potentiality not to (do or be), or, as Aristotle says, that potentiality be also im-potentiality (adynamia)....
A 76 year-old female patient attended the emergency room with a 3 day-history of abdominal pain in the epigastrium which afterwards irradiated to the right hypocondrium, accompanied by emesis, nausea, asthenia, adynamia and non-quantified fever.
She was asymptomatic eight months prior to the day she was hospitalized, when she had asthenia, adynamia, hyporexia, symptoms of dizziness, and vertigo.
GCh: Entiendo la posicion de Agamben respecto a esa potencia suspendida o inoperante y de que modo implica una forma de resistencia, una potencia de no, que ha tomado de Aristoteles (adynamia).