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lack of strength or vigor (especially from illness)

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30 year old white male who presented to the emergency room because the appearance of a lesion in the left lower limb, ulcerated, with irregular edges, painful and with a necrotic center; the patient also complaint of subjective fever, asthenia and adynamia.
Challenging behaviors after acquired brain impainnent have been defined as spanning verbal or physical aggression, sexually inappropriate behavior, wandering/absconding, perseveration (repetitive behaviors), socially inappropriate behavior (including illegal behaviors, noncompliant behaviors), and adynamia (lack of initiation; Sabaz et al.
Hypotonia, optic atrophy, adynamia, developmental regression and abnormal movements such as tremors or myoclonus are other hallmarks of the disease.
A 76 year-old female patient attended the emergency room with a 3 day-history of abdominal pain in the epigastrium which afterwards irradiated to the right hypocondrium, accompanied by emesis, nausea, asthenia, adynamia and non-quantified fever.
She was asymptomatic eight months prior to the day she was hospitalized, when she had asthenia, adynamia, hyporexia, symptoms of dizziness, and vertigo.
found fever in 100%, headaches in 79%, diaphoresis in 77%, chills in 61%, myalgia in 57% and adynamia in 56% of the cases.
bilateral pleural effusion, cardiomegaly Moghadam F/32 Back pain, fatigue, Cardiomegaly, (2009) (4) malaise, fever and pericardial effusion, adynamia a mitral valve prolapsed with mild regurgitation and a supravalvular pulmonary artery stenosis Author, Year MR imaging Biological abnormalities Duclos large coronary Elevated CRP (1991) (1) aneurysms and ESR Lee Segment of luminal CRP: 5.
He was judged to have difficulty being able to ride a bicycle as cycle racer again due to neurofatigue and adynamia.