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lack of strength or vigor (especially from illness)

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Allowing individuals with MS further control over their daily lives can be difficult when working with individuals whose cognitive abilities have been adversely affected by their MS, and who experience symptoms such as adynamia, concrete and rigid thinking, memory loss, and disinhibition (O'Callaghan & Brown, 1989).
Charlotte's adynamia and memory problems may have hindered her ability to spontaneously think of putting the tape on for this therapeutic gain.
Neurologic signs increased for several days and ptosis, paresis of the extremities and sphincters, adynamia, and marked hypothermia were observed.
On February 13, 1996, a 7-year-old boy from Donihue in Administrative Region VI was admitted to the Hospital Clinico Fusat of Rancagua in the region (Figure 1) with a 2-day history of adynamia and dizziness.
The therapist needs to help patients with frontal lobe damage compensate for their deficits, These people exhibit varying degrees of memory loss, concrete and rigid thinking, disinhibition and adynamia.