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In particular, Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Heizo Takenaka, an active advocator for reforms, was appointed to concurrently serve in the post of Financial Affairs, which was vacated by the departure of Hakuo Yanagisawa.
The Advocator Group explains how an advocate can simplify the disability benefits application process
Al-Ghoul was also strongly against the curfew hours imposed in North Sinai and a main advocator for a call that erupted last March for a general strike, which several political parties and civil organisations in Sinai also supported.
Colonel Peters is the architect of the infamous 2006 New Middle East map and is an advocator for the disintegration of Muslim states on sectarian / religious faultlines.
The Advocator Group, LLC declared that it has selected Phil Racicot as its new Chief Resolution Specialist.
A strong advocator of fresh and healthy food, Michelle advised the kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.
I bought it for JD1 even though I regard myself a staunch advocator of copyrights and original CDs and DVDs and refuse to buy copies.
The organisation should be an advocator of performance measurement and have responded to that measurement.
I'm a great advocator of putting a sort of 'live' element into the projects, so this was ideal.
Being a law-abiding citizen, a man who pays his taxes, a person who doesn't believe in burglary or shoplifting and an advocator of the death penalty for rape as well as murder, I can't think of a single reason for not having i.
Popular, enthusiastic, charitable and an advocator of the complete student experience, Aston's optics society President for 2011/12 Zain Nathu has made a real difference in her first-year.
A firm advocator of charitable work, Seawings sponsored the event with a few other organizations by donating flight vouchers to the event as prizes.
Gul said "Mavi Marmara" fleet was the advocator of fundamental human rights and particularly the goals and rights backed by the EU, when responding to a question on the Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May 2010 that killed nine Turks.
According to the terms of the deal, VSD will work as global advocator of PMU especially in acquiring potential technology and equipments for the formulation of a college for the visually impaired and blind.