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For example, advocating may require confronting teachers who hold low expectations for students of color or poor students and who consciously or unconsciously discriminate against these student groups by harboring lower academic demands or giving lower grades.
We appreciate the opportunity to provide Wake Forest University retirees and their families the peace of mind that comes from having experienced benefits professionals advocating for their health and benefits needs.
The organization's participation in the PILG facilitates the organization's active encouragement of the institute to continue advocating breastfeeding as the optimal feeding choice of new parents despite confusing reports about the presence of toxic substances in breast milk.
Advocacy does involve risks, and collaborative relationships may be at risk when one is advocating for change.
In addition to its vital role in advocating for New Yorkers, the popularly elected Public Advocate holds the unique position as second in line to the Mayor.
D'Andrea and Daniels (1999) state that, "counselors are professionally and ethically responsible for advocating for the rights and mental health of all socially devalued persons" (p.