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All we are doing at this point is laying out what some of our issues and concerns are,'' said Lyn Krieger, Ventura County Harbor Department director and a marine sanctuary advisory board member.
It's really a big deal in the communities where they're going up, because it's the community kids who are doing the actual painting and the labor in putting it up,'' said advisory board member and former co-chairman Jim Beal.
Its advisory board is comprised of the 'who's who' of the industry, and I am proud to join their ranks," says Griffin.
In addition, the advisory boards have been an integral part of encouraging "the community to start regulating itself.
Richard Greenhalgh, Chairman of the OPI Advisory Board, noted, "As we meet with companies and they learn about the potential savings and quality improvements possible with outsourcing, and, importantly, the maturity of finance and accounting outsourcing, it is no longer 'whether to outsource' but 'when and with whom to partner.
For testimonials, ordering and in depth profiles of each advisory board member you can view our updated website at www.
Pharmacopeia Expert Committee on Biopharmaceutics and a member of Advisory Board for Dissolution Technologies.
The Advisory Board will oversee the Misys Center's initiatives, which aim to increase local involvement in the development of healthcare IT connectivity and EHR adoption throughout the country.
We are honored to have such a distinguished group of practitioners on our National Advisory Board for Clinical Quality," said Christopher Kersey, MD, RediClinic's Chief Medical and Business Development Officer.
I look forward to working with Wally Altes and the other members of our advisory board in developing initiatives that promote strategic growth and support the community.
We believe that our technical advisory board members provide us unique insight into the needs of our customers.
The extensive knowledge of our technical advisory board and their active involvement adds considerably to that of our internal team," said Howard Bubb, Ambric CEO and chairman.
Upon accepting Keenan's appointment, Osterweil said, "I look forward to working with the members of the Keenan Advisory Board and providing my industry perspective to the group.
Members of Optio's EMEA Customer Advisory Board include representatives from an expansive list of European clients including Motorola, Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, Electrolux, BIC and FinnForest.
Working as an advisory board to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, BCMA brings together industry and government resources to increase the awareness, consumption and value of California agricultural products, helping the state's consumers enjoy the best of the California lifestyle.
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