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Synonyms for advise



Synonyms for advise

to give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to impart information to

Synonyms for advise

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Jaime McLemore, based in London, advises US nationals based in the UK on their US tax and estate planning and compliance, as well as advising both individuals and organisations on charitable giving.
NACADA also serves as an advocate for effective academic advising by providing a consulting and speaker service, an awards program, and funding for research related to academic advising.
Kim and Feldman (2011) argue that effective academic advising can improve retention and graduation rates.
Some solutions involve the creation of standalone advising websites designed to provide only advising content (Marques, 2001).
Air advising is a critical component of the Air Force response to direction in Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction 5000.
Highlights included advising Birmingham City Council on the pounds 650 million regeneration of New Street Station.
NCHC's "Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors Program" indicates that there should be "provisions for special academic counseling of honors students by uniquely qualified faculty and/or staff personnel," and honors advising has been the subject of commentary in several NCHC monographs.
Advising Park Group on the sale of "fast cash" business'
This is another best practice area that CPAs advising pension plan clients need to be aware of.
While it's tough to measure return on investment for the new system, Thomas says staff are spending less time on registration tasks and more time advising students.
CPAs familiar with the current lending criteria also can help their clients or employers take the necessary steps to attract financing in this environment by advising them to follow these eight tips.
This article explores faculty advising techniques for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) graduate students.
The long-range vision of USMTM is as follows: a motivated diverse team of professionals operating in an environment of cooperation, innovation and continuous improvement; leveraging technology and proven management practices; executing a security cooperation program for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that thrives, based upon mutual respect and the value added of our expertise; and advising and assisting the most capable self defense force in the region.
to announce a new project to mail letters to more than 285,000 Protestant churches -- nearly 90 percent of the nation's total -- advising them that Coalition voter guides are partisan campaign materials and that distributing them could put a church's tax exemption in jeopardy.
Academic advising is a reciprocal activity; it takes both an advisor and advisee working together as a team for the activity to fully succeed.